So after sitting on hold for 45 minutes…

..I talk to a woman at iPower who listens while I tell her the story of the Moist Board’s troubles, and then she says, “I’ll write up a technical support ticket for you and have technical support take a look at it.” 

Yet she supposedly works for technical support, so I’m not sure why I wasted the 45 minutes in the first place. 
I really, really loathe iPower. 
The bottom line is that I have a 47 meg DMP file written for MySQL 5.0, and I’m trying to restore it to a new MySQL 4.0 database as the Moist Board languishes in limbo.
Any thoughts? Suggestions? Cyanide brownie recipes?
Yes, I Know the Moist Board is Down
Happy Easter - the Moist Board is back!

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