Dinner Table Politics: Save the Polar Bears!

The latest episode of Dinner Table Politics is online!


Abby and Jim discuss Climate Change and what’s to be done about it. Did Obama do enough? Should Trump do more? How did the problem start? What’s to be done about it? And will any of the measures designed to fix it do any good? Bjorn Lomborg and James Hansen get their say, and the Paris Climate Agreement is put under the microscope. Abby also reveals her long-term plans for Jim’s funeral.

And for those of you who may have missed last week’s, because I failed to post about it here, that one was about religious freedom. Abby and Jim discussed the passing of John McCain, an American hero, and then discussed the separation of church and state. What does the Constitution have to say about religion? Is Utah’s Proposition 2 a political issue or a moral one? And should Scientology become the state religion of Rhode Island? Sen. Alan Simpson, C.S. Lewis, and Karl Rove all get mentioned, too, for reasons that are better left unexplained.

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