Happy Easter – the Moist Board is back!

That’s not a huge cause for celebration, as it’s not on the new server yet. So it’s still achingly, mind-numbingly slow. But at least it’s there. 

Turns out I had changed the password for the database. I changed it back, and voila! Slow board returns. iPower continues to suck. 
I’ve been a neglectful landlord over there for far too long, but the thought of that board just vanishing forever scared the bejeebers out of me. There’s too much stupidity concentrated in one place to just let it die. 
Languatron, over at frakheads.com, was prematurely celebrating Moist’s demise. Lang loses again. Now THAT’S cause for celebration. 
So after sitting on hold for 45 minutes...
Over the Weekend

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