On Being Wrong. Very Wrong, Indeed.

I posted a version of this on Facebook, but since some of you don’t have access to my Facebook page, it’s probably necessary to post it here, too.

No question, I stuck my neck out pretty far on this one, and I was miserably, hopelessly wrong. Dick Morris-level wrong. I genuinely believed everything I wrote, and I know of no other way to back down from my mistakes accept to admit them freely and take the lumps that go with them.

I’m going to unplug for a few days. I shall be avoiding television, talk radio, and the Internet. I’ll be listening to Christmas music. Expect no further blog posts until next week at the earliest. Anything I would write would be depressing and whiny, and I don’t think that’s helpful to anyone. Of course, I will return eventually and try to be less wrong in the future.

I’m certainly not pleased with the election results, and I think they augur grim things ahead, but I do not think the country will collapse. I don’t agree with him, but I do respect Barack Obama, and I congratulate my lefty friends. I’ll give you plenty of time to revel in your victory and check back in with you when I reenter the world.

Doubt Not; Fear Not
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