“Vacation is over. Get to work, blogboy.”

Okay, okay, fine.

We pulled into Sandy somewhere around 5:00 PM today, and after having cleaned out the car, unpacked the clothes, and taken the kids out for dinner, we’re officially home.

The vacation was plenty of fun, although I think I broke my toe playing “No Bears Are Out Tonight,” and it made life a little more difficult as I schlepped my son Stalliondo around on my shoulders everywhere. I also ran four and a half miles along the beach between Sequim and Port Angeles and had to stop as my foot was throbbing, only to discover it hurt more to walk than to run.

We spent two nights at the Kalaloch Lodge up by Forks, which is a town that is now singularly devoted to aggrandizing a series of bad romance novels. Trust me, Forks doesn’t have much else to recommend it. We visited with family – all but two of Mrs. Cornell’s six siblings and their respective clans showed up for the Kalaloch reunion – and spent a lot of time hanging out on the very cold beaches of the Pacific Northwest. We even lit bonfires, despite the fact that nearby Seattle has banned all bonfires in order to combat global warming. Yeah, that’ll do the trick! Similarly, all the fixtures in our Kalaloch cabins had those stupid twirly flourescent bulbs except the vanities above the bathroom mirrors. We ended up removing the bulb on the nightstand lamps and replacing them with the big vanitiy bulbs, because those awful flourescents emit a distinct, high-pitched whine. So, thankfully, we did our small part to warm the globe.

It’s a very nice thing to be completely incommunicado with the outside world for a week or so, because you’re not subjected to the constant drumbeat of media sludge that’s so unavoidable in real life. Political discusssions were few and far between, which is probably a good thing, since my father-in-law wants to eat Dick Cheney’s heart on a big, sharp stick.

My wife is now looking over my shoulder, because she wants me to get the kids in the bath. That’s for the best, really, as this post is little more than a boring travelogue, so I’ll wrap it up now.

Tomorrow: excitement!

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