The South Valley Arts Alliance

In addition to this one, I’m going to be running a new, less personal blog. I’m sure you’re very excited. 

It’s going to be over at It goes live tomorrow. It’s all part of a fantastic new arts development going into Sandy City.  The pictures and the video and all kinds of stuff involved in it are nothing short of jaw-dropping. But it’s all embargoed until tomorrow. 

I’m pretty excited, though. 

I’m also the head of a community arts organization created to support the building of 2,800-seat Broadway-style theatre in Sandy. We’re called the South Valley Arts Alliance, and if you want to sign up, let me know. I unveiled the organization this morning in an op-ed piece that was published in the Deseret Morning News. You can read the original with comments here, but I reproduce it below for your edification and enjoyment. 


On Racism: Benihana and Brazil Nuts
Broadway Theatre in Salt Lake County

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