The Agony and the Ecstasy

Yesterday was a study in contrasts.

It began with my first attempt at scuba diving, which was surprisingly easy and delightful. It was also part of my job description. It seems the company I’m working for is thinking of purchasing a piece of a scuba diving business, so it was my job to check it out and see if everything was A-OK. In short, I was being paid to scuba dive. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

I saw giant sleeping sea turtles. I got within inches of a dragon moray eel. I was 40 feet beneath the waves, feeling strangely Aquamanish. I can’t remember when I’d had so much fun.

That was the ecstasy. The agony came immediately afterward and filled up the rest of the day.

The main reason I’m in Kauai is to film a bunch of stuff for our websites, and The problem is that I’m using a Panasonic HVX200, which is an entirely digital camera, and neither the camera or Final Cut Pro is interested in working properly. I began by interviewing a native Kauaian on the beach, and the wind pretty much ruined the sound, and I couldn’t get my laptop to capture the video. I ended up using these tedious digital cards that only take four minutes of film each, so we kept having to stop and download all the stuff off the card after every eight minutes. Except the laptop I use to capture the video doesn’t have a PCMA slot, so I had to use another laptop to get the video, and that one wasn’t charged. So I had to go sit in the bathroom for ten minutes, because the bathroom had the only electrical outlet on the beach. I was forced to endure the stares of everyone coming in to use the urinal as I sat on the floor of the men’s room like an idiot.

In the end, all of this was for naught, because Final Cut Pro kept spitting an error message at me about codecs and refused to import the video anyway. By the time I got to that point, I couldn’t get anyone on the phone to give me technical support, since it was after 3:00 Hawaiian time, which is after 6:00 PM Pacific time, when Apple tevhnical support closes. And, since I don’t have the Final Cut software here, I sincerely doubt there’s anything they can do for me anyway.

It’s now 2:38 AM Hawaiian time, and I’ve woken up to call technical support, which opened at 6:00 AM Pacific.

Wish me luck. All things considered, I’d rather be scuba diving.

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