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1. So let me get this straight. We add 114,000 jobs, which is not enough to keep up with population growth, which is precisely in line with analyst expectations that also presumed the unemployment rate would tick up to 8.3%. But then unemployment plummets by almost half a point to 7.8%, the highest single month drop in nearly three decades?!

Is there anyone with half a brain who truly believes that’s real or even possible?

Of course, that’s not stopping the media from taking it at face value. Will it matter? I doubt it, as the Romney debate victory cleanly stripped the already thin veneer of objectivity off of the talking heads who have repeatedly told us that Mitt Romney is, in fact, Leona Helmsley in drag. Credible voices, beginning with former GM CEO Jack Welch, are stating the obvious – this unemployment figure just doesn’t pass the smell test, and no number of Chris Matthews meltdowns will be able to cover up the stench.

2. I’ve discovered a quirky, delightful new blog called hillbuzz.org, written by someone more confident re: Romney’s chances than I am. He’s coined the term “Eeyores” to describe spineless Republicans who panic on cue, and he posts a “Daily Doom Antidote” that provides exactly what the label implies- solid reasons for optimism about November.

Of course, the guy who writes it, Kevin Dujan, is also kind of nuts. He’s a gay conservative who insists that the president is a closeted gay man who had a reputation as “Bathhouse Barry” in his early college days, and he claims to be “this close” to proving it. Good luck with that. It’s kind of fun to read, though, in an Onion-y sort of way. He also insists that Barack is a drug fiend and attributes the president’s debate performance to coming off of a cocaine high. That’s dippy, but not quite as dippy as Al Gore claiming it was the altitude.

3. Speaking of The Onion, they’ve published a “voter’s guide to Mitt Romney” that I refuse to link to, as it includes one of the nastiest attacks on Mormonism I’ve seen in this campaign, complete with a completely out-of-context video snippet of Mormon temple ceremonies. It would be absurd to say that The Onion has “crossed a line,” since the charm of The Onion is that it ignores all such lines, but it’s unnerving to me, in our Book-of-Mormon-on-Broadway age, how comfortably and cavalierly people mock the faith of over 14 million people.

4. Last but not least, saw this commercial on CNN and was reminded that there are more than two candidates in the race. Gotta give Mr. Johnson’s advocates credit – if nothing else, this commercial is not like any other political ad we’ve seen in any election season in memory. Curious to hear your thoughts on it.

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