I’ve paid my bills!

Seems that the renewal notice for stallioncornell.com got lost in my hotmail spam folder. Consequently, the site was yanked down all day and replaced by this:

(Click on it for a larger pic.)

That was very disconcerting to see some college chick staring back at me on my own page, but that’s what you get for being delinquent. It’s nice to know she provided searches for both Stallion and Cornell, but apparently the first one yielded a significant amount of gay porn links, so I apologize for that.

Speaking of gay porn links, Languatron took credit for pulling down my site, but backed off when I informed him that hacking into my site and yanking it down constitutes a felony, something I learned these past few days, as Sarah Palin seems to be experiencing similar problems.

Anyway, welcome back.

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