I Beat my Wife!

And that’s the good news!

That title probably came out wrong. What I mean is that I finished about 45 seconds before she did in yesterday’s 10K. My time was 1:04:13. That put me in 96th place out of 103 in the category of 35-39 year-olds. I think my time was better last year, although I was more consistent this year. Although next year I move into the geezer 40-44 category, so I should be smokin’ then.

The Cornells spent most of yesterday at the Draper Pool, and I sprayed lots and lots of that aerosol sunscreen all over myself and still got broiled. At least I was able to contribute to expanding the ozone layer. That’s something positive. I also dove off the high dive, too. Am I impressive or what?

I’d go with “or what.”

We spent the evening lighting off fireworks, and the only fireworks that are legal in Utah are the ones that emit showers of sparks. Anything that flies into the sky can get you slapped with a $500 fine. So we watched all the different ways that sparks can be emitted. Sometimes the sparks are blue. Sometimes they are green. Often they make loud snapping noises. The important thing is that they’re emitted. Hopefully, I warmed our globe somewhat – it’s getting dangerously cool, you know.

A comment on yesterday’s blog rips Mitt Romney for his flipflops, most of which are vastly overstated. Does it surprise anyone that a Republican running for Governor or Massachusetts didn’t campaign on a pro-gun, pro-life platform? And of course he’s a fiscal conservative -he managed to cut taxes in a state with a veto-proof Democrat majority. And to fault him for Massachusetts becoming the first state to legalize gay marriage is absolutely ludicrous. He fought that awful court decision tooth and nail – there has been no greater proponent of traditional marriage than Mitt Romney.

The only point that the guy makes that I agree with is that it’s somewhat disturbing that Mormons broke 98% in favor of the guy, and as one of those Mormons, I can’t deny that his faith wasn’t an overall plus. But unlike Satan’s brother Mike Huckabee, who is not a conservative on any issue besides abortion, Romney never tried to wield religion as a weapon. He’d be a great president, although a stint as McCain’s running mate will guarantee that he’ll never get that chance.

Seeing The Dark Knight tonight – finally! Wish me luck!

Pioneer Day, 10K, and Mitt the Veep
The Dark Knight

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