Happy Thanksgiving!

We ran a family 5K today, and Corbin, Cornelius, and Cleta each ran it in under a half an hour. I pretty much walked the whole way, as I was pushing Stalliondo in a stroller. Quite cold. But fun. Chloe walked with me, and Stalliondo cried a lot. Still fun.

No freshly killed turkey this year – we’re celebrating here in Utah with Mrs. Cornell’s brothers. We brined the turkey overnight, and it smells good. We’ll be eating in an hour or so.

Watched the Star Trek movie with my twins and fast forwarded past the sex scene with the green chick. They loved it, as did I. I’ve seen it four times now, and I like it more each time.

That is all. I am thankful for a great family and a great life. Happy Thanksgiving.

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