Halloween Vignettes

Took three-year-old Stalliondo trick or treating. He charmed the pants off of everyone he met. He was dressed as a lion, and he’d roar on demand with the appropriate lion fury. One person giving out candy laughed and said, “Lions scare me, but you can come back anytime you want.” 

To which Stalliondo replied, “Okay. How about tomorrow?”
Our children started freebasing their candy as soon as they got home. Cornelius ran off into the family room and hid in a corner and ate a dozen candy bars in under three minutes. He left quite the rat’s nest of wrappers, which we didn’t discover until the following morning. 
My oldest daughter Cleta was furious that we pooled all our children’s candy together the next day. “That’s no fair!” she yelled. “That’s my candy! I earned it!” She’s bitter and angry, but now she better understands the difference between a Democrat and a Republican.


Speaking of which, we went to a delightful Halloween costume party the day after Halloween. We borrowed My Fiancee’s magnificent costumes and I went as the genie from Aladdin, with Mrs. Cornell as a sort of Princess Jasmine/Barbara Eden kind of thing. We each contributed five dollars to a pot that went to the winner of the person voted to have the best costume, which turned out to be a guy decked out as a sort of Fidel Castro/Che Guevara revolutionary. After he won, he turned to the crowd and said “you want I should redistribute the wealth?” (He didn’t, BTW.)
We DID win one of the games, though, which required extensive knowledge of TV theme songs. I was one of the few who recognized Lee Majors’ shaky baritone warbling its way through the theme song of The Fall Guy. My mother told me I’d regret wasting so much time in front of the television in my misspent youth. How very, very wrong she was.
Everyone keeps asking me about the election, and I keep ignoring them. I’m still tuned out. However, I did manage to catch Ben Affleck’s wicked turn as Keith Olbermann on SNL last Saturday. It’s viewable here and if you’ve ever seen Olbermann, this will make you laugh very, very hard. It may make Philip cry, but he’s going to have a very good day tomorrow, and I’m not. So I don’t feel too bad. 
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