Can’t talk now! Must save economy!

There are a number of websites I punch up on a fairly regular basis just to read the headlines, the first and foremost being the Drudge Report. So imagine my joy yesterday when the front page of Drudge screamed, in bold rad letters, that JOHN MCCAIN SUSPENDS HIS CAMPAIGN – HEADS BACK TO WASHINGTON TO WORK ON BAILOUT!

Oh, please.

John McCain has absolutely no insight or credibility on this issue with anyone who is actually going to make any decisions about this bailout. This is a brazen, stupid stunt, and it smacks of desperation. I’ve seen a few people, notably Newt Gingrich, praise his “bold, decisive action,” but when pressed, none of these people can tell me what it is that John McCain is actually going to do. He still found time to yap with Katie Couric while his campaign was “suspended;” nothing’s changed, and McCain’s participation on Capitol Hill won’t change anything. It’s just McCain’s way of saying “Look at me!”

And what’s with backing out of the debate? How does that solve the problem? What a colossal bag of wind this man is.

The sad thing now is that Sarah Palin is coagulating into just another McCainiac. She gave a really awful interview to Katie Couric where she struggled through nonsense about “predatory lenders” and other talking points that she clearly didn’t understand. Hey, Palin – the problem here is not predatory lenders; it’s flimsy lending standards that provided loans to people who couldn’t afford them! There’s ample reason to blame this mess on well-intentioned lefties who insisted that diversity should trump risk. To start mouthing off about “predatory lenders” is to concede the argument to the Democrats.

Which is what McCain is really good at doing. I suppose it was inevitable that Palin would go down that road, too – she is the number two, after all. The only silver lining in this is that Mitt Romney may still have a political future, as McCain and Palin are going to go down in flames.

I plan on blogging through tonight's debate.

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