Behold: Languatron!

(No politics today. There’s just no good news, and I’m sick of being depressed.)

For those of you who have followed the career of Languatron, the lunatic in Chicago who thinks everyone is really a Universal Studios spy out to get him, I have a special treat for you. 
Turns out Languatron is Andrew Fullen, 5’7″, weighs 168 pounds, has brown hair and blue eyes, and is 43 years old. 
Oh, yeah. And he looks like this:

Kinda Unabomber-y, don’t you think? He seems like he could become disgruntled at any moment. 
A keen-eyed Langy watcher sent me this info, which was publicly posted at Upon being discovered, Langy changed his profile by removing the picture, saying he is 2 feet tall and lives in Los Angeles, and insisting he is African American with green eyes and auburn hair. 
You can see his current profile here
Charming, no?
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