A Plea for Help

Okay, here’s the deal. 

I’m writing a novel. Actually, I’ve been writing a novel, on and off, for well over a decade. I have a draft that stinks that I finished in 1998, and about two years ago, I decided to radically rewrite the whole thing, changing it from first person to third person, and actually constructing a semi-credible plot. 
When I started this blog, my goal was to write at least 1,000 words per day on the book, too. I’ve been much more faithful to the blog –  I’m now up to about 80,000 words on the novel, so you do the math – but I’m now getting it to the point where I can no longer tell if my story is even remotely interesting. I finally let my wife read the first two chapters, and she was somewhat unimpressed. It turns out, however, that she’s bugged that the geek is the hero and that cheerleaders and football players are portrayed in a less than flattering light, as she was one of those cheerleaders and quite popular, and she thinks that GeekFic bashing the Beautiful People is patently unfair. She also didn’t like the reference to “copping a feel” that I put in the prologue. I’m not really sure what she did like, but she insists that I shouldn’t abandon the project altogether. Now THAT’S encouraging. 
Anyway, I’m wondering if it would be a good idea to start posting pieces of said novel here on the blog and get feedback from you, the Great Unwashed. Truth be told, I know most of you personally, and even those of you I don’t know usually have interesting and/or intelligent things to say. I’m not sure what the copyright problems would be in posting chunks of something I want to publish online – I know other authors, notably Orson Scott Card, do it all the time, and nobody runs off and publishes anything without telling them. Any lawyers want to counsel me on the wisdom of this approach?
Anyway, I submit the question to you: would you be interested in reading chunks of my magnum opus and providing feedback? Or should I continue to toil in relative obscurity and post more about my children’s bowels?
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