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So this blog has been down for a bit, and I’m not sure why. I’ve been told I’ve been under attack from people upset by my updated CES Letter Reply, although I think it’s probably more mundane than that. A simple database repair got it up and running. I’m now working on Canonizer.com, and my updated reply can be found over there. 

I admit I have neglected this site as of late, and most of my new stuff will be written over there. At the same time, I will be updating this site on occasion, and I want to keep it online as a repository for everything I’ve written thus far. There’s well over a million words of nonsense here, and I don’t want that to disappear into the ether.

Anyway, thanks for your patience, and I look forward to interacting with you either here, at Canonizer, with Dinner Table Politics, or anywhere else I may find myself in 2019.

Dinner Table Politics: Surprise!
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4 thoughts on “CES Reply Update”

  1. I am wanting to do a Change My Mind style booth at the 2020 General Conference protests. My first topic is planned to be “The Book of Mormon is True– Change My Mind” pending Crowder’s response to my use of the style. I would really like to have your reply in print as a handout for those who want it, or if you would like to sell the same, I would like to buy and distribute it. I do not want to step on your toes legally, so I’m here asking permission before I go blow three hundred of dollars on print copies of the PDF. I don’t intend to make money on this in any way, to include ad revenue (at least for the 2020 conferences), and I’m only asking permission for the 2020 Apr and Oct conferences, and would ask again next year before doing anything for 2021. I eagerly await your response.

    1. As far as copyright goes, I used the entirety of Jeremy Runnells’s letter in my reply, relying on his statement that the CES Letter was written under a Creative Commons license, which allows it to be reproduced as long as it is not used commercially and proper attribution is given to the author. If you were to print and sell my reply, given that it contains 100% of the CES Letter, I would think that would violate that license. I have no objection to you printing it and giving it away.

      1. Awesome! I was hoping you wouldn’t make me charge people anyway! Thank you! Now that you know my master plan, you’ll know who that guy with the booth is. I would love to meet you. Your first edition of this reply is how I learned how to talk politely about these things without missing the chance to take it as lightly as I can, and I have always wanted an opportunity to thank you.

  2. I appreciate your reply to the CES letter. I know people who this will help. I have been sending people the link.

    An aspect that will strengthen it-

    Discussion on race- All references to whiteness, Blackness, and skin of darkness, are Hebrew idioms for purity and sinfulness. Look up Webster’s 1828 dictionary for blackness, whiteness, and enticing. Then with those definitions read 2 Ne 5:21. It will change your life. If you still can’t see it, just watch Marvin Perkins FAIR Mormon presentation on YouTube. I like his Sweden one. There is no color changing in the Book of Mormon. Skin of Blackness is just like Hard Heart or Stiff Neck, it’s a body part used for imagery. It actually is an evidence of the Book of Mormon being ancient. So yup we got it wrong all these years but this correct interpretation follows the gospel and agency more closely.

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