Scary Pumpkin and Funny the Marble

Once upon a time, there were two friends: Scary Pumpkin and Funny the Marble. They were a good pair of buddies. They played football together. And they also were really good at football. They both got touchdowns a lot.

Once there was a time when they got tackled ten times. It was scary. The bully is the one who tackled Scary Pumpkin and Funny the Marble. The bully was so scary that they fainted. Then they got up and ran away for their life. Funny the Marble thought that was soooooo funny that he peed his pants. Then Scary Pumpkin stopped and started to laugh his head off.

Both of them started laughing so hard that Scary Pumpkin’s eyes and nose and mouth started to glow. Then they ran over to the bully and said stop being mean to me and my friend or we will punch your head off, and that is what they did.

Then they said the same thing sentences over and over again. The bully was getting so annoyed the he ran away from them. They said go away and never be a bully again.

“OK,” said Scary the Pumpkin.

“OK,” said the bully.

The end.

Who cares about Colin or Oliver?
Chapter Five

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