Primary Thoughts

I don’t see any way that Rudy Giuliani can possibly win the Republican nomination. He’s lost his lead in the latest national poll – tied with Romney! – and he’s not competitive in any fo the early states. Stick a fork in him. He’s done. 

If Mitt wins Iowa, he wins New Hampshire. And then he’s the nominee. Period. 
If Huckabee wins Iowa and Mitt wins New Hampshire, it’s a mess. Thompson may very well win South Carolina, and then who the heck knows? It ill be fun/painful to watch. 
If Huckabee wins Iowa and McCain wins New Hampshire, Mitt’s got nowhere to go. The nominee? McCain. Blech. 
If I had to change places with any candidate at the moment, it would be Mitt. He’s got a better than 50/50 chance. Nobody else does. 
If Hillary loses Iowa and New Hampshire, say hello to President Barack Obama. I don’t think any of our guys can beat him – including Mitt. I’m relishing the schaudenfreude of watching Hillary flail, but she’s so much easier to beat in a general election than Barack is, so I ought to be rooting for her. But I don’t think I can. 
I’m eating too much Christmas crap. 
The end. 
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