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Settling in… just saw a really controversial KSL editorial telling us to live within our means. Neat.

Now watching NBC…

Ah! A little bias to start off! “40 years after segregation, an African American is now a candidate.” My wife wonders why Brian Williams has a job…

Jim Lehrer’s intro – I hate Jim Lehrer as a moderator. He was Clinton’s hand-picked moderator back in the day…

National security includes the global economic crisis? That’s convenient!

“No cheers or applause throughout?” Yeah, that’ll happen…

Where do you stand on financial recovery? Obama launches into his stump speech…Stalliondo is tickling me…He’s put forward a series of proposals? No, he hasn’t! Ah! The first Bush slam…

McCain begins by mentioning Ted Kennedy and now starts to take credit for bipartisan fiscal solution that doesn’t exist. Anyone else sick of the “Wall Street/Main Street” meme? Mrs. Cornell wants to know why neither is answering the question. OOH! He went back to Washington! Big frickin’ deal. Foreign oil non sequitor.

Jim Lehrer points out that neither has answered the question.

Two years ago Obama warned us about this? Say what? Obama’s a Fannie/Freddie pawn for crap’s sake! What the hell is a “21st century regulatory framework?”

Now we’re hearing about Dwight Eisenhower writing letters. McCain’s reminding people that he stupidly called for Chris Cox’s resignation. Promises to fire people.

Obama goes “Wall Street/Mains Street” again. He’s running against Bush. Good “afraid I couldn’t hear him?” line from McCain.

McCain goes “Wall Street/Main Street,” too. This would make a great drinking game. If I drank. Which I want to start doing as I listen to this drivel.

Mrs. Cornell says this is boring. She’s right.

McCain slams spending and Republicans who went along with it. “Earmarking as a gateway drug.” Good line. Three million on bears in Montana? Was that a joke? He’s going to veto every spending bill?! That should be interesting.

Obama’s trying to outconservative McCain on earmarks. Mrs. Cornell is reading her book. Obama’s comparing 18 billion in earmarks to 300 billion in tax cuts, demonstrating the economic stupidity that made me reject this clown. 95% of working families will get a tax cut?! News flash, Obama – 95% of working families don’t pay income taxes!

McCain doesn’t get it either. He doesn’t call Obama on his taxation ignorance and keeps harping on corruption, as if cutting out earmarks is going to be anything but symbolic. Good slam on new spending, though. Yes! Worst thing we can do is raise taxes.

Obama interrupts – wants to raise corporate taxes during a recession like an idiot. He pays for every dime of it? No, punk. He’s going to go through the budget line by line? When did he get the line item veto?

Lehrer wants them to talk to each other, and they’re not interested in playing along.

Thank you, McCain, for finally demonstrating the economic disincentive of high corporate taxes. Good Ireland example. But he can’t help himself – he goes back to earmarks. First time McCain says “my friends.” My son Stalliondo is pooping and says “I love poops.”Mrs. Cornell cheered when McCain offered a huge tax cut for people with kids.

Obama lies about the 95% thing again. Another lie about corporate tax loopholes. Stalliondo still pooping. Obama takes issue with health credit – McCain smiles smarmily as Obama says McCain wants to tax health benefits.

First time the word “festooned” has ever been used in a presidential debate. McCain can’t talk about anything but earmarks. Two tax brackets – generous dividends – I’m OK with that. Obama keeps interrupting.

Oil company profits? Who cares, Obama? Demonizing oil companies makes me ill. Obama just wants to beat up on people rather than solve the problem.

Stepped away to wipe Stalliondo’s bum. False alarm.

Obama goes off on alternative energy. Health care and education – Obama plays to his strengths. Giving a laundry list of government freebies.

McCain: Cut spending! Broken record. Some specifics, jacball, please! All right! Elimate ethanol subsidies! Now we’re getting somewhere. Good answer.

Lehrer says: what changes? Obama tries to answer without answering. All my kids have descended on us and are jumping on the bed. Stalliondo is screaming. Google for Government? A good idea.

Lehrer mad that the guys won’t answer his dumb question. McCain mentions “spending freeze.” That’s come back to bite him in the butt.Obama goes back to his stupid line-item veto fantasy. Does he realize that he can’t go through the budget line-by-line? First mention of Iraq.

McCain mentions offshore drilling and nuclear power. Good deal! “You can’t get there from here.” 45 new nuclear power plants. Yes. Obama looks smug. Oh, crap, McCain. He wanders into “climate change.” Blech.


FDR purchased homes and government made a profit? No way! That’s a gaffe. “Spending on $300 billion of tax cuts.” Doesn’t understand taxes. Neither does McCain. Corbin is whining and wants us to go ride bikes with him. Can’t hear McCain’s answer. Chloe making horn noises.

McCain makes case for low taxes, sort of. Spending restraint again. McCain’s a one-trick pony here. Obama attacks him for being George Bush. McCain gives a laundry list of the stupid things he’s done to oppose Bush. He looks like a pedophile when he smiles.

McCain trying to shoehorn his Iraq answer into a surge cheerleading moment. Obama’s going to chew him up. My kids can’t leave us alone! Obama opposes the war in the first place – so what? But he’s launching into stump speech mode, too. First mention of Bin Laden. Slams the Iraq war six ways to Sunday and lies about al Qaeda’s resurgence.

Stalliondo screaming like a banshee.

Good answer, McCain – next president doesn’t get to decide whether we should have gone into Iraq. But now he’s repeating his previous answer. Slams Obama for not traveling to Iraq. Obama defends Biden. Hey, Barack – Biden voted for the war too, bonehead. Obama now trying to pretend the surge doesn’t really matter because the war was a mistake. Doesn’t help, Barack – you can’t go back in time. We WERE greeted as liberators. McCain is annoyed and he looks peevish.

McCain “tactic vs. strategy” stupid line. Obama says it’s not true that he refuses to acknowledge that we’re winning? Is he now saying we ARE winning in Iraq? These guys hate each other.

Obama comes back to a timetable. BARACK?! We know you opposed it! What are you going to do NOW? al Qaeda is on the ropes, Obama. 16 months and the war is over? Why 16 months? Trying to sound hawkish.

Nobody’s winning this.

McCain defending Iraq as central battleground on War on Terror. McCain gets snarly as he gets defensive.

Obama wants more troops in Afghanistan. I’m OK with that, but he’s trying to paint a bleaker picture to justify his defeatism in Iraq. Says Secretary Gates think Afghanistan is the “central front?” No.

McCain goes back to the 80’s and the Russians in Afghanistan. Not prepared to threaten Pakistan – good! Reminding people that Obama wants Pakistan strikes. “You don’t say that out loud… but if you have to do things, you have to do things.” Argh. STUPID. He keeps starting out strong and then fumbling at the end.

Obama lies – “Nobody talked about attacking Pakistan.” Then talks about attacking Pakistan. Slams McCain for singing about bombing Iran, which was a very dumb thing McCain did.

I can’t stand these clowns.

Obama: “20th Century mindset?” That means nothing. Belittles Musharraf, which is stupid.

McCain hits back on Musharraf. Good. Now slams Reagan. Ah, good move! (That’s sarcasm.) Why remind us of Lebanon? Lists a bunch of conflicts. Wandering. Telling personal story about Iraq soldier. He’s good when he goes here. He’s trying to show us the bracelet but can’t get his arm up. War stories make McCain look good.

Obama has a bracelet, too. Using it for doveish purposes. Good segue into pacifist, stump speechy crap. “They’re still sending out videotapes!” Oh, horror! Obama says McCain said he’d “muddle through” Afghanistan. McCain is bugged.

McCain makes a snide subcommittee slam that nobody understands. Says Obama needs to travel more. McCain is defensive, which means he’s losing.

An hour is up. How long is this tedious thing?

Moving on to Iran – McCain strong on anti nukes for Iran. Can’t allow a second holocaust. Sounds like a grown-up. League of Democracies? Isn’t that NATO?

Obama believes the Republican Guard is a terrorist organization, contrary to how he voted. We shouldn’t have gone to war with Iraq, Obama? Really? You’ve never said THAT before. Obama says “me, too,” in a lack of tolerance for a nuclear Iraq. Wants Russia and China as part of this. Wants “tough, direct diplomacy:”” with Iran. Stupid. McCain should jump on that, and he probably won’t.

Oh! He IS jumping on it! Good for him! Bringing up Barack’s pledge to meet dictator loons without preconditions. Can’t pronounce “Ahmidinijad.” Obama looks cool; McCain looks like he wants to eat somebody’s heart right out of his chest.

Obama slams McCain for not listening to Henry Kissinger. He’s so frickin’ full of crap on this. Obama sounds like the sheer weight of his own personal genius will make Iran change. McCain needs to STOP SMILING. No one likes a pedophile, Johnny! Obama lies through his teeth on North Korea. Nice sigh, McCain. You’re going all Al Gore on this.

Cheap dig from McCain on presidential seal. McCain being defensive when he should be ripping Obama’s head off without looking the way he does, which is as if he wants to literally rip Obama’s head off. Good slam on North Korea, though. Obama’s trying to interrupt. Now he’s defensive. Misrepresenting both McCain and Kissinger. STOP SMILING, MCCAIN, YOU FREAKING NAZI! He looks like the sneering guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Shut up, my friend.

Obama dazzles with Russian minutiae. My kids are screaming again. Mrs. Cornell leaves to investigate. All hell breaks loose. I may return, I may not. I have to go put out fire with my kids.

I’m back. McCain slams Obama on Russia and Georgia. McCain sounding like a grown-up again. Corbin wants me to go get ice cream. Cornelius is in time-out, as he won’t stop crying. This debate is tedious. Stalliondo comes in the room with a smile and says “I’m not crying! I’m happy!” Cleta is now mad about something. Stalliondo beating up on Fester, our black cat. Cleta is concerned. Obama is saying something about Russia, and I have no idea what it is.

Why is Obama talking about solar energy now? Maybe it makes logical sense, as I’ve missed a bit here. Stalliondo bumped his head. McCain sneered. Wow! McCain supported Nunn/Lugar! Too bad nobody has any idea what Nunn/Lugar is.

9/11 question. McCain started strong, and now he’s championing the Mickey Mouse 9/11 commission. What a friggin’ weenie. This was a softball for you, Johnny, and you’re whiffing it. The 9/11 commission was a joke. McCain is slamming Bush on the one issue where Bush has been dead on. We DON’T torture prisoners, McCain, you bonehead! Cheering creation of new bureaucracies. How did THIS guy end up as the GOP nominee?

Obama boasts of obnoxious new airport security measures. Offers details that sound official and mean nothing. Obama’s in favor of missile defense? Oh, please. What a load. Oh, good. See? He’s waffling now. Back to al Qaeda, once again pretending that Iraq hasn’t done anything to stop them. Oh, great. Now, Obama’s going to make the world like us. Mrs. Cornell thinks Obama looks like a kid.

Lehrer jumps on the restore America’s reputation. And McCain goes to SDI and looks goofy. Good on Iraq, though. And good for ignoring Lehrer’s lefty, leading, weenie question.

This isn’t a two hour debate, is it? End it. End it. END IT!!!

How’d we get back to China? We can’t provide health care? Why do libs think that if the Feds don’t do it, it won’t get done? My TV is making an annoying whining noise. I want this to end. AAAAAAARGH! PLEASE KILL ME.

McCain: “I’m old.” Back to the surge again. We’re running in very tedious circles. McCain talking veterans is good stuff.

Obama’s dad came from Kenya; that’s where he gets his name. That made Mrs. Cornell laugh. Corbin is now sitting next to me and chewing on a plastic pirate’s mast. He wants me to go get some ice cream. I want to get out of here. SHUT UP, BARACK. Corbin saw me type “SHUT UP” and was aghast.

McCain making closing statement – hopefully.


Bottom line: McCain didn’t change the momentum, and therefore lost.

I plan on blogging through tonight's debate.
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