Wow. (American Idol Spoilers)

American Idol doesn’t end for another 45 minutes or so, but I just checked’s message board.

I can’t believe that David Cook won.

I’m not upset. Or even disappointed, although I was rooting for the Utah kid. I’m just stunned that the voters stuck it to Simon like that. Last night, watching the finals, I was aghast at how blatant the show was being rigged for Archuleta. Yes, the kid did great. But Cook was at least as good in all except the last song. Simon just had it in for him, and I didn’t quite understand why.

I had planned on writing something this morning about how I don’t think the judges should participate in the final round, because it gives one contestant an advantage with the voters. But that turns out not to be true. Cook went first – always a jinx – and he got slammed. Archuleta had every advantage and had a great night, and still Cook pulled it out.

Utah’s gonna be bummed tomorrow, I’ll tell you that. But Cook deserved it. He’s a better performer, and it’s not like Archuleta is going to disappear. I think he would have won if it weren;t for his mayor’s moustache.

I guess I ought to be watching the tedious results show – but why? Geesh, these things are long. And boring. And what’s with the Mike Myers movie plug? Gack. Watching these self-congratulatory yawnfests is the video equivalent of eating a gallon of cold caramel popcorn.

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