Tune Out Until Wednesday

Did you know that in all of these latest polls showing Obama winning in a walk, Romney leads among independents by a wide, often double-digit margin?

Just consider that for a moment. Obama trounced McCain among independents last time out. Now independents are solidly behind Mitt, but Obama’s still going to glide to victory because scads of Democrats are going to spring from the depths of the earth to vote in numbers vastly exceeding how they voted in 2008, and, indeed, in any other election in history. This is despite the fact that actual Democratic voter registration in swing states has fallen precipitously.

Yet we’re told, over and over and over again, that the race is over, cancel the election, accept an inevitable four more years of the greatest presidential failure in our lifetimes.

Up is down; black is white.

But who cares? Honestly?

Barring some cataclysmic event, nothing will change the race between now and Tuesday night, when the candidates meet in their first presidential debate. Well, that’s not entirely true. The stories and the Sunday morning round tables will become increasingly insistent that the actual election is just an Obama-affirming formality, and wobbly Republicans will bury their heads in the sand and lament everything, real and imagined, the Romney campaign is doing wrong. And too many anxious Romney voters will watch all of it with a growing sense of dread and panic, grasping at any straw they can find as the cool people assure them they’re just delusional imbeciles.

Who needs that? Don’t watch it. Seriously. None of it matters.

Wednesday is when the campaign begins.

Both sides are downplaying expectations to an absurd degree, but Romney’s miserable press has the silver lining of giving him a massive leg up in the expectations game. He’s a very good debater, having dispatched every anti-Romney bubble opponent with ruthless efficiency. He will win the debate handily, and the press and the Democrats – but I repeat myself – will have to find new and exciting ways to bring you down.

Until then, enjoy the weekend. Read a good book. Let the Obama floaters gloat now, because this is pretty much their last and best chance to do so uninhibited before the election.

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