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UPDATE: The following post makes heated accusations of rape against Bill Clinton. I believe those accusations to be accurate and founded on solid evidence. However, I repeatedly refer to him as a “rapist” when such a thing has not been proven in a court of law.

This post is based on the premise that I believe he is a rapist, and that colors my perception of the man and, at times, makes me somewhat irrational. Much of what I wrote here was based in emotion, not logic. Consequently, it is somewhat more vitriolic than is my usual metier.

It is essential to note at the outset that false accusations of rape are horrific, and they happen far too often. Please note, then, that what follows represents my opinion, not proven facts.


So I’m watching the Democratic National Convention. I’m not enjoying it, but I was able to physically endure most of it until Bill Clinton’s smug, puffy face took the stage. Democrats look at that guy and see a hero, a genius, a standard bearer.

I see a rapist.

I’m not a fan of rapists. After the Akin debacle, you’d think that all of the people screaming about how horrific it is that someone could distinguish between “legitimate” or “illegitimate” rape might recoil from, you know, an actual rapist. But such was not the case. Every one of my liberal Facebook friends crowed about what a masterful speech it was and how it was going to turn everything around. “Clinton saved Obama last night,” wrote one. “Yes, and the country.” Wow. Not a bad night’s work for a rapist.

When I pointed this out to another liberal friend who’s entire focus in this election has been abortion rights, she responded, “I never believed a word of it.” After all, he’s never been convicted of rape, right? He’s only been accused very credibly by Juanita Brodderick, a woman who shares his political background and has corroborating witnesses who heard her recount the story at the time it happened. When Al Gore was asked about it, he demurred by saying that “I think that whatever mistakes he made in his personal life are in the minds of most Americans balanced against what he has done in his public life as president.” See, he gives a good speech, so that’s all that matters. Raping people is just a mistake some fellas make in their personal lives.

So is killing people, it seems.

I almost tore all my hair out watching the fawning Ted Kennedy tribute video on the first day of the convention. Folks, this guy drunkenly drove off a bridge with his mistress and then abandoned the woman to drown slowly in the submerged car’s receding air pocket while he frantically scrambled to get one of his friends to take the blame. When they wouldn’t, he swam across the bay, put on a suit, and walked out into a hotel lobby in the dead of night, and asked what time it was. That way, the clerk would know he had been at the hotel all night, and he’d have a cozy alibi for why he left a woman to die.

When I mentioned this, another Facebook friend referred to this as a “tragic accidental death.” No, a tragic accidental death is when you slip in a mud puddle and fall in front of a bus, or when you’re walking in the woods and a tree falls on you, or when you get smacked in the head with an asteroid. Having a guy drive you into a tidal channel and then make no attempt to save your life as you gasp for breath isn’t something that happens because you got up on the wrong side of the bed.

I was then told that I shouldn’t judge the guy based on just one incident in his life, because, you know, look at all the great stuff he did afterward! See, that’s the thing. Most people who kill people don’t get a chance to do great stuff afterward. John Hinckley, Ronald Reagan’s attempted assassin, is mad that people don’t see him as an artist and keep fixating on that whole tried-to-kill-the-president dealie. And, unlike ol’ Teddy, the great Leonardo di Hinckley didn’t even kill anybody! I mean, sure, he tried to bump off the leader of the free world, but have you seen his oil-on-canvas of dogs playing poker?

What makes this especially galling is that this whole convention, other than the Clinton and Michelle Obama speeches, has been one long harangue about how Republicans don’t respect the ladies. And by “respect the ladies,” they mean “support abortion up to and including the moment of natural childbirth.” Keep in mind that this is a country where recent polls show people who identify themselves as pro-life are a majority of the electorate, while pro-choicers stand at 41%. Tell me again how this is supposed to appeal to swing voters?

The answer, of course, is that it isn’t. All the people who fell madly in love with the former Rapist-in-Chief all over again were in love with him before the speech began. You really think undecideds sat through the rapist’s 45-minute wonkfest during a football game? It seems the Obamanistas have made the clear calculus that independents have turned and aren’t going to save them, so an energized base is their best bet.

And what better way to excite a base than with the basest possible human being they can find?

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