The Ammon Song

Completed late this New Year’s Day.

A few changes from the previously published lyrics…

1) Turns out that the whole Ammon story takes place by the Waters of Sebus, not Sidon. Except nothing good rhymes with Sebus, and “Ammon was ridin’ by the Waters of Sidon” is such a fun, faux-Western lyric. So I changed it to “Ammon went ridin’ past the Waters of Sidon on his way to go work for the Lamanite King,” as if Ammon were passing Sidon on the way to the story actually beginning. Which could have happened, couldn’t it?

I toyed with “Ammon at Sebus did his best to serve Jebus,” but that’s an obscure Simpsons reference that many might find disrespectful, including me. But now it’s stuck in your head, too.

2) Instead of “Cause the King was intrigued with his brave servant’s charms/But the dude was freaked out when he saw all those arms,” I shifted the second line to “His Majesty freaked when he saw all those arms,” because there was some trouble with clarity as to whether “the dude” was Ammon or the King, and, besides, “freaked” has an internal rhyme with “intrigued.”

It’s an MP3 file – if you right click the last word of this post, you should be able to download it, or click it and Quicktime will play it in your browser.


Happy New Year
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