Obama’s Speech

It was a good speech.

No, it was a great speech.

That’s no surprise, as giving great speeches is Obama’s stock in trade. And, thankfully, I didn’t watch or hear any Gore crap from earlier today. Obama was all I got.

Initial thoughts: it was surprisingly conservative-sounding in places. If you were born yesterday, it would be hard to ignore the power and the hope and the inspiration of Obama’s vision for the future.

But I was born forty years ago. And I remember everything.

Unlike Obama, I know that a government big enough to give me everything he promised tonight will also be big enough to take everything I have. “Free” health care. “Free” tuition. “Free” job security. “Free” retirement benefits. These aren’t new, fresh ideas, Barack – they’ve been tried before.

They don’t work.

So keep your freebies, Mr. Obama.

I prefer freedom.

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