Obama’s Flop Sweat

Nothing is more frightening than the sinking feeling that you know you’re in over your head.

I vividly recall when I took over the Pink Garter Theatre in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and had to pretend that I had the first clue about what I was doing. I didn’t. And it didn’t take very long for people to find out that I didn’t. The result was that that first theatre season was a steady stream of misfires and mistakes, accompanied by sleepless nights and moments of wild panic. Flop sweat sucks.

Anyone else see where I’m going with this?

Barack Obama couldn’t possibly have lived up to the expectations placed upon him, which makes the fact that he’s in over his head all that much worse. His lashing out over resistance to his wretched stimulus bill is childish and silly. According to him, we will never recover economically unless this bill passes. Never! That’s an absurd statement on its face, and it also ignores the fact that there is next to nothing in this bill that is stimulative.

Recessions end. Even depressions end. The question isn’t if, it’s when. It’s a lot harder to shorten them than it is to prolong them, and a trillion dollars worth of pork isn’t going to shorten anything. Amity Shlaes’ masterwork The Forgotten Man demonstrates just how much the expansion of government did to kill business incentives and deepen the Great Depression. For four elections, FDR was able to blame Herbert Hoover for the nation’s woes, even during the “Depression within the Depression” of the late 1930s. How long will Obama be able to blame George W. Bush for everything? I don’t know. It depends how bad things get, as well as how many times Obama falls short of fixing things.

The one component of this that is startling to me is just how broadly Obama misread his mandate. He rejected calls from House Republicans to cut taxes, on the grounds that the American people rejected that idea at the polls this November. Really? Obama promised to cut taxes for 95% of all Americans. Now he’s only cutting taxes for people who don’t pay taxes. That’s a boon to his Treasury secretary, I guess, but it demonstrates the fact that he never believed his own bullcrap.

Obama, for all his post partisan blather, is proving to be a remarkably leftist president. This is not a remarkably leftist nation. As the incongruity between Obama’s rhetoric and his results continues to grow, as I believe it will, a lot of people are going to realize that no matter how much the Emperor works out, he still looks silly without any clothes on.

The flop sweat is beading up on his forehead even as we speak.

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