Legal Notice

In accordance with the Parnassus Ordinance (SK 8675309) forged immaculately via the Upper Volta Protocols circa 1856 and subsequently sullied with retroactive lucidity fostered by’s estuary settlements, I hereby decree thus that all sets, essences, collateral, debutations, cranials, laps, wanderances, spores, heftiancies, carts, intriguiaries, terpsichores, correlations/coronations both implicit and supplied that are duly registered with the First Iggy Council Chunk 13 shall parenthetically assuage and/or prelate said misnumberances predated post sapphire regiment, irrespective of saturation either piled or replied, with the ipso facto proviso of the uvular considerations of that which negation declares or defrauds, capped upon the white snowy crags of the jugular pension fund, subsidiaries both withstanding and notwithstanding, see if I don’t.

Whereas and such as, let the word go forth, therefore, that supplemental defenestration of both the corporeal and the corrupt shall not reflate according to particulates regardless or eerie guardless until such momentism pregranulates ab initio, a fortiori, and a la carte. Scapular renegades unwilling to comply with such prestidigitation may find themselves, as they say in French, “एक चप्पू बिना गंदगी क्रीक,” which translates into German as “до дерьмо ручей без весла.” Likewise, corneal expectorations shall not hamper, impede, implode, effluviate, spindle, crump, fester, ingroove, fromage, coagulate, mince, spoof, finagle, or jazzercise without express or ineffable authorization via carrier pigeon, which went extinct, so, you know, good luck with that, sucker.

Pursuant to the tertiary muse, pendular carcasses and/or cacophanies shall not be allowed to preen that which pervades to the penultimate septuagints, provided, of course, reef spork six grove big rock. Eligible tribbles who find themselves voluntarily deflowered vis a vis calcifications unnurtured through no fault of their own may not only refenestrate that which survives, they may also diddle same with impunity as long as there’s nobody watching. Seen and unseen, corked and uncorked, crocked via pot or unpotted, dessert remains operative only upon espresso salad, albeit a herd without a home is still a herd. Modular functionalization is no longer operative unless contingencified, no matter who your daddy is.

Again, appeals on tabular premonitions are not soluble. Should functional parallels attempt mobilization of conceptual analysis, prepare to, as they say in today’s legal vernacular, “heave the slap onion,” if you know what I mean. Vehicular parsing shall effectively be rendered and recreaved sooner than anyone has the right to expect, yet reciprocal pedantry will not be exacerbated under any circumstances except three. Corresponding calumny without credit cannot condone corollary Clytemnestraic craptasm via excessive alliteration, no matter how clever. (Now would be a good time to mention this.) Likewise, Larrak, the sample death’s chosen character, has the following statistics when wielding his +1 greatsword:=Atk +16 melee (2d6+11/19–20) and Full Atk +16/+11 melee (2d6+11/19–20). Skeletal bosoms may change a creature’s oozing or unoozing tendrils as follows: we’ll get there when we get there, so stop with the whining already. Blasphemy without a spigot doesn’t have the same weight.

By way of analogy, think of a horn. Once granted, heave said horn away upon your winged thoughts athwart the sea. Recalling the precedent of Absalom Absalom v. Salmon Abs, turpitude of this magnitude yields decrepitude with an attitude, until the two Tudors tutu the voodoo that you do so well. Cramp not thy style, O wax scallion! Should one henceforth engineer heterogenous relevance, another attempt to facilitate entity-relationship portals may query usable corpora and deliver ubiquitous archives with the je ne sais quoi of I don’t know what.

Finally, a thorned flower may be distinguishable by its crimson hue, while a more subtle variation of a similar non-weedlike garden entity may bear a chromatic distinction more akin to the cerulean than the sanguine. Therefore, sucrose retains a lack of astringency reminiscent of qualities similar to those of the plaintiff in the aforementioned doggerel.

Look! An eagle!

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