The Year So Far

State of the world as the New Year grinds forth…

So the Senate won’t seat Blagojevich’s appointment. Neat. But that concerns me far less than the fact that they probably will seat Al Franken the moment he’s certified as the fraudulent winner of Minnesota’s election. This election was stolen in broad daylight, and nobody seems to notice or care. Some few who do will cite Florida in 2000 and say “How does it feel, Bush lovers?” I say it feels amazing that Bush was able to stop Al Gore from doing what Al Franken just did.

I’ve had a number of odd dreams lately. One involved running a political campaign and having the ad guy come up to me and show me a poster with the candidate with the word “Armando!” written in bold, black lettering. Except the candidate wasn’t named Armando.

“Doesn’t matter,” the ad guy says. “It’s a really bold move.”

Apparently, “Armando” was a cool word that the ad guy made up, which would help us with “the kids.” In the cold light of day, that seems very silly, indeed, but I kind of want to try it out and see what happens.

Last night’s dreams involved William Shatner skinning people alive and putting their corpses on a red wagon. It wasn’t really a nightmare; just sort of a matter-of-fact thing. I don’t know what that means.

We don’t watch a whole lot of TV at the Cornell household, but we felt compelled to watch Ashton Kutcher’s “True Beauty” reality show last night that judges people according to their outer and, without them knowing, their inner beauty. We probably shouldn’t have watched it, but we did, and we laughed very, very hard. It’s designed to let 40-year-old schlubs like me feel superior to gorgeous people who are also vapid, ignorant, and, at times, cruel. And, in fact, not many of them are really that gorgeous. The “Chelsea” chick who was in danger of getting bumped last night was actually slightly hideous, inside and out. I hope she sticks around, though, because nastiness is funnier than kindness. Although the show’s elimination process would logically bump off the nastier folks first, which means it will become more boring as it goes along.

My son Cornelius has taken to crawling into bed with us in the middle of the night, which becomes problematic, and he also enjoys kicking us in his sleep. I end up taking him back to his bed when I can muster up the will to do it, but it takes quite a few kicks for me to wake up enough to fully understand what’s going on. I can stomach it, though, because I love my son. It’s when my cat starts to meow about ten minutes after I’ve fallen asleep that my patience is at a very low ebb.

I’m sadly discovering that I don’t enjoy right-wing talk radio anymore. I’ve always liked Rush and Glenn Beck, but now all they do is whine. And Glenn Beck whines very, very hard. I heard about thirty seconds of Sean Hannity yesterday, and it made me sad. On too many issues, all we’ve got are slogans. I don’t think the Democrats are much better on the ideological front, but they don’t need a workable ideology with all the power they have. If we’re going to wrest that power away from them – a daunting task by any standard – we need to know what we stand for, and it can’t just be Ronald Reagan. Folks, I love Ronald Reagan as much as anyone. He’s dead. He left office twenty years ago. We’re not going to find our way out of the wilderness by winning yet another one for the Gipper.

I haven’t mentioned in this blog my great visit with James over the holidays. James is a frequent commenter on this space, and he showed up at my doorstep a few days before Christmas to announce that he was spending the holidays up in Draper, not far from where I live. I got to meet his wife and his daughter, who both seem like delightful folks. I even convinced James to sign up for Facebook, where he proceeded to post a video where he and a Muppet lipsynch to the Blues Brothers. It was fun, but also vaguely disturbing.

Turns out Disney has opted to pass on the next Narnia sequel, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. That’s disappointing but understandable, as that book would be unlikely to stop the franchise’s box office slide. I just want to see The Magician’s Nephew, so I want the franchise to continue until they get there, but I have no interest in watching the dreck that’s going to be there along the way. Walden Media is shopping for a new partner, though, so the film may still get made. They’d better hurry, though, because they need to make it while the actors who play Edmund and Lucy are still young enough to look credible in the roles.

I’ll keep you updated as the year progresses.

First Post of the New Year!

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