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Click here for The Ammon Song. Right-click it to download, or just click it an Quicktime or another media player should play it right in your browser.

Elsewhere in this post where you see a link highlighting a song title, do the same and take a listen and/or download. Do not try to sell these, though, as all these songs are protected by copyright.

Regular readers of this blog will find this post redundant, but my brother-in-law is enamored with the Ammon song I just recorded, and he’s asked me to write a post that links to the song sooner, along with an explanation and additional song links.

So here it is.

Ammon is a song I wrote for a Book of Mormon mini read-a-thon in my ward. It’s a bit bloody, but since it’s a song and not a movie, it doesn’t get an R-rating.

“Javelin Man” is my most famous Book of Mormon song, written for a road show back in 1990. Over the past two decades, it has been performed every year at Aspen Grove Family Camp by me and all of my pre-pubescent relatives. Last year, our ward filmed a version of the Teancum story and the song for a Stake Film Festival. I put it on YouTube and it’s gotten over 9,000 views. Jenny Jordan Frogley, famed LDS singer, is on vocals – that’s not her lipsynching in the video, though – and the Rockamatics provided the instrumentation.

The film is embedded here for your convenience.

I also wrote a Song About Mustard. (Here’s a link to an explanation thereof.)

I wrote a musical about Peter Pan – link to explanation here – that includes the song Dead, which is, clearly, about dead things. I’m not on vocals, but it’s a funny song.

That musical also has two serious songs in it – A Princess Bride and Neverland. The vocals on Neverland are hooty at first, but wait until the harmony kicks in – it’s worth it.

The fourth recording from that musical is Hook of the Jolly Roger, sung by famed local (SLC) actor Scott Morgan, who passed away recently. I only knew him tangentially, but he was a good guy and a great talent, and he will be sorely missed.

The very first song I ever wrote was titled I Am A Cow, which I wrote in the bathroom of the Barnsdall Park Gallery Theatre in about two and a half minutes when I was 11 years old. For some reason, I thought “How Now, Green Cow” was really, really funny. (Because, you know, it’s supposed to be “How Now, Brown Cow.”)

The other song I have online is The Ballad of Stallion Cornell, which sounds somewhat like the Ammon song. Warning to parents: it also includes the word “slut,” so watch out.

I’ve recorded other songs that I have yet to put up online, mainly because they’re not very good. “The Laundry Song” lacks a cohesive third verse and the recording is terrible; “The Dog/Birdie War” has been revised but not yet rerecorded. I’m not sure if the world is ready for “Dig” or “The Pterodactyl Song” or “Cheese On Toast.” But just for fun, I’ll put up my own recording of Javelin Man, which has me on vocals and instruments instead of talented people. Enjoy.

The Ammon Song
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