My favorite Facebook thread ever

The United Utah Party recently launched a petition calling for “humane and reasonable immigration reform,” and the following Facebook thread happened.


Why didn’t you do this under the king Obama time . Didn’t care then did you !!!


The party didn’t exist under “the king Obama time.” And it sounds like you don’t care about this now.


oh yes deport all as soon as the step foot on our land . They want free welfare Obama care which they get as they are released 68% of illegals on welfare and plus Medicade . Let’s take care of Americans that are poor and homeless first and military families !!! You Dems never care about them when you walk over them in Salt lake do you

Since I’m not a Democrat and I’ve never walked over another human being in my life, I’m not qualified to answer your question. I will say that I’m perplexed as to your interest in the UUP, given your clear affinity for the current Republican Party.

I’m sure your not qualified on anything why don’t you worry about the American public first then lets talk about the free loaders the gang member and the children trafficking ting. Get your facts first before you want money. The taxpayers pay out billions every year trying to take care of Clinton’s law mess that Bush and Obama didn’t do anything on

It should be “I’m sure YOU’RE not qualified on anything,” with a period after “anything” to mark the end of the sentence. “Your” and “you’re” are not synonyms. So it appears I’m qualified enough to use proper grammar, if nothing else.

I don’t understand the motivations of someone who dives into a discussion simply to insult people they don’t know. What do you hope to accomplish? And why do you think unkindness is helpful to your case?

You read it just fine I didn’t think I had to right a paper and get a grade on it. You just found out someone didn’t agree with you now you will have your hissy fit and start criticizing nothing of importance!!

I’m not you are the one asking for money with out facts of the true problem!!! And you are the one that got arrogant first with my punctuation

Should be “write” a paper, not “right” a paper. Righting a paper would presumably entail correcting a paper that had been already written.

I see no evidence of a hissy fit on my end, but please know it is not my intent to be insulting or unkind to you. I have no interest in engaging you on the subject of immigration, as it’s clear you have your mind made up and feel well-represented by current policies. My curiosity is to why you felt it necessary to insult people you don’t know in a state where you no longer live on a subject where you are unlikely to change any minds, particularly with such a hostile tone.

Could you point out where I’ve asked you for any money?

I’m a bit of a grammar obsessive, it’s true. I apologize if that comes across as arrogant. Although three exclamation points does seem excessive.

See has I say no facts just criticize on something that doesn’t matter !!!! Yep a liberal sure now we know you enjoy getting money to give to your self . The government has plenty to give to the illegals and take care of the situation!!! Your lucky their is slot of unknowing weak people that falls for fake money organization!!! How much do you keep and how much is given ???? Like my guestion marks

Phony people and organizations make it so hard for true ones that is why !!! yes I just Google about your tiny party from 2017 you will do anything to try and raise money won’t you. Just what I thought.

Your atrocious grammar has rendered you unreadable, and since I don’t have any idea what slot people are, I wish you well as you continue to hurl illiterate insults into the digital void.


Yep my Grammer and your group have alot in common!!!!. But I don’t need money you do HaHaHa



I assure you, madam, that I never do HaHaHa.




You said slot so you did know it was slot !!! Havha get your crying towel out you will need it for your Tiny party as the Google article described you


When reading a statement like, “You said slot do you did know it was slot,” I have to wonder if perhaps you are using some kind of Cyrillic-to-English translation program that has failed you, albeit through no fault of your own.


Man I thought you said you were finish !!!! I’m so glad when something that isnt right is coming out , thank you I have done it !!!!



I would never say I was finish, unless I was under the delusion I was some kind of paint or lacquer. There have been times when I’ve said I was finished, or even that I was Finnish, although I’m actually Scottish by ancestral descent.


I think you have been smelling to many of the fumes then.




And I think all of us, at one time or another, are so glad when something that isnt (sic) right is coming out, thank you I have done it !!!! I mean, that just goes without saying. (Which, of course, makes me wish you hadn’t said it.)

I never smell to fumes. I don’t know how that process would work. How do you smell to something?

You won’t be around long for a tiny group so your wasting your money time on me thank you !



Not Cyrillic, then. Perhaps Jamaican? “Me thank you” would make sense with a Caribbean dialect.

And thank you for your concern for my money time. Time is precious, but money time is especially precious.


So why are you wasting it . You have to fix what Google has on their sight about you for anyone to take your tiny organization seriously





I’m just wasting time, not money time. Big difference. Yuge.

Google’s sight is always a problem, as is Google’s hearing and sense of smell. I wonder what they smell to? Surely there are slot people involved, yes?


I really need to tell FB with people like you we need a shaking head button. Don’t you have a family you should be spending time with, if not trying to raise money or something for your tiny organization???



I do have a family, yes. And now I have to warn them about all the slot people smelling to fumes as Google’s glasses focus on their money time. You have opened our eyes to a great many things. Me thank you.


well I can see why you aren’t with your family ??? You might need help and they would rather let you play on your lectronics trying to raise money for your tiny organization then spend time as a family .



You do realize that your (sic) here too, right? I’m not sure why my engaging with you is a colossal waste of my money time, but you’re (sic) engaging with me is a boon to the slot people in you’re (sic) family. (I don’t mean you have a sick family; I’m sure they’re just as delightful as yourself. “Sic” is an indicator that I recognize that the preceding word is being used incorrectly.)

Maybe it’s the lectronics, which I can only assume are some sort of electronic lectern that slot people use. Which, really, answers a lot of questions I didn’t know I had. Again, me thank you.


I had a great early Dinner with family and friends mine are all raised and doing fine with all their families .I have done all my family duties way past that and have beautiful great-grandchildren. I spent mine time with them.



Could you explain how mine time differs from money time? Is it time spent in mines earning money? Is it therefore possible for time to be both mine time and money time at the same time? If you could check your lectronics and get back to me after the lecture with the slot people ends, that would be smelling to something good. Me thank you in advance.


Well as I say you are a liberal through all this you still haven’t given any facts about your tiny organization or any facts of how much money you keep and how much does your organization spend And I know you won’t get a dime of mine . And sorry but I have two dogs that I care about walking them more then to keep texting a crying liberal that does exactly what you have done tonight. No facts just criticize!!! Bye more crying towels


Grammatically, that should be “Bye, more crying towels.”


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