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Political Thoughts from the Titanic Crow’s Nest

how_to_make_donald_trump_hairdoI think I would feel better about myself if I were to re-register as a political independent, since the number of national Republicans who don’t nauseate me has dwindled to almost nothing. (Go Kasich!) I figure that when the standard bearer of your party is Donald Trump, it’s probably time to leave your party.

The problem is that every major political candidate in Utah is elected in Republican primaries, so there’s value in maintaining RINO status in order to still have some semblance of a voice in the process. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to care about a process that has zero chance of producing a workable, sustainable government.

“Sustainable” is a word most people don’t use to describe governments, but the reality is that the government, at least on a federal level, is barreling toward total insolvency at a rapid clip, so the sideshow of who gets to take the wheel as the ship of state zooms iceberg-ward makes little difference to me. But people still seem interested in my opinion, so I thought I’d take a moment and let you know what I’m seeing up here in the crow’s nest as the iceberg draws closer.

First of all, all you Romney-ites who think Mitt can swoop in for a last-minute rescue are fully delusional. The deadlines to register for the early caucuses and primaries have long since passed, and you can’t win if your name is not on the ballot. And before you say “write-in,” remember that votes for write-in candidates are not counted unless the candidate registers as an official candidate, which is something Mitt is not stupid enough to do for what is sure to be an exercise in futility.

And don’t get any ideas about some last-minute Romney convention rescue, either. Conventions used to allow for that sort of thing, but that was back when Nixons and Kennedys were floating around. Conventions are now rigidly structured as drama-free infomercials, and candidates get to choose their own delegates out of their immediate circle of friends and family. So the only way the Romney fantasy works is if Ivanka Trump abandons her comb-over pappy and votes for the Mittster. Not gonna happen.

So what will happen? Well, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. That’s what will happen.

Never mind his lead in the national polls – look at the state-by-state polling in the early primary contests. Trump is up in New Hampshire, in South Carolina, and in Florida by more than 20 points, and he has been for some time. And as of today, he’s even ahead in Iowa according to a CNN poll. I remember seeing an online MSNBC clip – I don’t usually watch MSNBC on purpose, but this clip was interesting – where one commenter pointed out that if Jeb Bush had numbers like Trump’s, everyone would be saying the race is over, but since it’s Trump, everyone’s wondering when he’s finally going to implode.

He’s not going to implode. If mocking a female journalist for menstruating, making fun of John McCain for being a POW, calling for special ID tags for Muslims, making up news reports about Arab rooftop celebrations of 9/11, and saying every other stupid thing Trump has said on an almost daily basis hasn’t blown him up, what will? What could he possibly say that’s more outrageous than what he’s already said? Every time he shoots off his big, stupid mouth, his numbers go up.

He’s your nominee, Republicans. And then he goes down in flames against Hillary, the most corrupt candidate in the history of the Republic. The end. Anyone who tells you otherwise who isn’t Scott Adams is either in denial or an idiot.

Scott Adams, you may or may not know, is the genius who writes the “Dilbert” comic strip. He’s also writing a fascinating series of blog posts about Trump where he calls Trump a “master persuader” who is using hypnotism techniques to change people’s minds. His thesis is fascinating, even though, in the final analysis, it’s wrong. Adams thinks Trump’s magical powers will be enough to persuade Hispanic voters that building an American version of the Great Wall of China and deporting millions of people in the largest forced relocation in human history is a good idea. Trump’s talented, but he’s not that talented. No, he will barbecue the Republican brand and leave it as a charred husk for generations to come. But, still, Adams is worth reading, because, even though he’s wrong, he’s wrong in a very interesting and intelligent way.

That’s all I have to say about politics. It might depress you, but it shouldn’t. There is a certain amount of Zen serenity in recognizing your country is genuinely doomed regardless, so the two most repugnant major party candidates ever nominated won’t really change the ultimate outcome one way or the other. Join me: embrace the collapse and smile.

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  1. I wish there were an option to vote to have no president for a year, as I find that more appealing than going through 4 years with any of the current candidates. But, I guess that is only postponing the inevitable….

  2. What I actually find fascinating about this race is that it’s a prisoner dilemma. The establishment candidates could end Trump any time they wanted too by cooperating (ie everyone drops out but Rubio, and their voters consolidate around him). However, each and everyone knows what’s in their own best interest is everyone ELSE taking that step, and letting them be the nominee. This kind of logic has kept so many candidates in the race with numbers that would have rendered them inviable in past primaries.

    As a liberal, I look on and smile.

    • When drones in the Collective makes those sorts of statements, it’s generally an indication of candidates whom they fear will be successful, and who thinking people should therefore support.

  3. Trump threatens to run as an independent, but I can’t see how that would hurt the GOP. I guess it boils down to whether his poll numbers are real. I suppose I am naive, but I can’t fathom how anyone in their right mind would really think he would be the best leader for our country.

    • Since 2008 we’ve endured rule under the most ignorant, petty, and belligerent President in U.S. history.

      A Mr. Potato Head would be an improvement.

  4. Some interesting spews today.

    Trump would hardly be the first person to make a comment about a woman PMSing, nor will he likely be the last. But let’s be perfectly honest here, Ms. Kelly focused her debate questions on irrelevant he-said/she-said Twitter gossip rather than anything relevant to the Presidency. So frankly he had a point there.

    Trump claims that his comments about McCain were taken out of context, and that he went on to say more that is never played in various soundbites aired by the mainstream media. I have no idea if that’s true or not, and don’t have the time to research it properly. What I do know however, is that Trump’s angry reaction to McCain’s assertion that those who legitimately want to halt illegal immigration and build a necessary wall on our southern border are wackos, may be understandable in that context. And frankly, McCain’s exhausting RINO aberrations masquerading as maverick-ism makes me less sympathetic to him without regard to any potential war hero status.

    In regards to Arabs celebrating the 9/11 attacks; this is why it’s so important to pay attention to factual reality as opposed to the fantastical leftist narrative routinely published in the mainstream media. Video footage of them doing so can be found with a 30 second Google search.

    In fact, many are still celebrating the date today, almost as a kind of holiday.

    When we do pay attention to factual reality, we also find that Trump never proposed anything with regards to databases and special IDs for Muslims. Rather, that notion was the basis of an adolescent gotcha question from a leftist media drone, to which Trump didn’t give any specifics but merely asserted that a variety of solutions never looked to before may have to be considered now, what some might call not letting a crisis go to waste.

    Having said that, such a proposal would not be too different in purpose from Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s order to imprison domestic Japanese due to their fascist proclivities of the time, which they have since outgrown. Ignorant leftists like to stupidly claim that such a step was merely the result of white racist America attacking “brown people,” but that’s because none of them are taught about the contemporary German and Italian internment camps which were established around the same time for the same reasons. The sad reality is that the vast majority of Muslims are still held captive by barbaric mentalities that prevents them from maturing beyond medievalism as other world religions have. That may someday change, but that day isn’t now.

    Now, the reason that Trump’s numbers go up every time he publicly urinates all over the inherent idiocy of political correctness, is that rational adults have grown tired of the omnipresent fascist offendedness of leftists that has them stomping their feet and flapping their arms every time they have to process ideas with which they ignorantly disagree. The time for walking on eggshells around perpetually offended leftists may thankfully be coming to an end as it should be, and support of Trump may be a form of celebration of that.

    Having said all of that, I’m not sure that I’m sold on Trump myself. But at the very least he’s a capitalist and a patriot, which alone makes him a vastly superior candidate in contrast to elderly Marxist hippie Hillary.

  5. Here’s some more supplemental information:

    “So NPR, the New York Times and the Associated Press searched contemporaneous news accounts and could find no evidence of Muslim-Americans cheering in Jersey City. That’s odd. Because it took me less than two minutes to find this story from the Washington Post dated September 18, 2001 (although I did have to spend $3.95 to buy it from the Post’s archives):

    In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.

    Here is the story in its entirety, by Serge F. Kovaleski and Fredrick Kunkle:”

  6. I dunno… I keep hoping Trump is gonna come out with a big ‘gotcha’ statement, where he admits it’s all been an act, and he’s been saying the most intolerant & bigoted things he could think of… just so he could ‘out’ the far-right as willing to support those views.

    • And on the other hand… I’m NOT too keen on Hillary being the torch-bearer for MY side, either. There’s a war going on in this country– against being sensible.

      • Hillary is basically a Republican putting on an act of being a liberal, just like her husband was…that said, if she wants to be re-elected, she’ll have to keep that act up. Basically, I don’t expect her to accomplish any more good, but at minimum I expect her to do far less harm than any Republicans.

        The thing about the Republican Primary that I realized today is, the more I look at it, the more I think I see the solution to Fermi’s Paradox. Any of the Republicans running being elected President could literally be an extinction-level event for our entire species. I wonder how many thousands of Republican Primaries have been held on other worlds, that are now barren and lifeless…

        • Elderly hippie hillary is hardly a right winger.

          How does the city of Detroit, Cuba, Venezuela, and other leftist controlled areas reconcile with your deeply ignorant Fermi’s Paradox/Republican Party theory?

          • Excellent examples! You’ll notice that all of the places you just lifted will be underwater if climate change isn’t stopped.

            …oh, and Detroit was screwed over by trade deals written by Republicans in the pocket of foreign auto makers.

            …oh, and “liberal =/= communist,” and by claiming it does you make it clear that you are either lying, or an idiot.

            Cuba’s economy failing when the government seizes all businesses is not equivalent to raising the minimum wage, or giving people healthcare (and Obamacare has been a massive success, don’t waste your breath lying to me, I’ve seen the numbers).

            Why do you people never cite “leftist-controlled” Scandanavia? Lol

          • Climate has been in constant flux for the entirely of Earth’s 4.5 billion year existence. It will continue to change until the Sun goes supernova. Until then, it will never stop changing. Ever.

            Detroit has been under unfettered leftist rule since 1962, and you’re idiotic enough to blame Republicans?

            If liberal and communist are so dissimilar, then why is it when we review Soviet propaganda, it echoes pretty much all the fantasy based nonsense that idiot liberals like to parrot to each other?


            Cuba’s backwards economy is the result of leftist policy making. Period.

            The reason that we rarely mention Scandinavia, is because it’s nearly impossible to break through the delusional mythology that idiot leftists have concocted surrounding it:


            Stop believing the worthless nonsense that your idiot professors are feeding you. It’s garbage. All of it.

    • The problem isn’t that Trump is saying intolerant and bigoted things. Rather, the problem is that leftists do not understand what constitutes genuinely intolerant and bigoted things.

      • My comment above hasn’t cleared yet, but I wanted to ask you what exactly IS a “leftist?”

        Also, more significantly, the idea that speech is more restricted now than in the past is another Bullshit argument from the Right. They’re just mad that what is or isn’t socially acceptable has shifted against them.

        Try going back to the 1920s South, going to a comedy club and saying “Know what I like? Gay people, integration, and interracial marriage!” And see how the crowd reacts.

        tldr: “Political Correctness” is code for “How dare you criticize my taste!”

        • This explains what a leftist is very well:

          A crowd in a comedy club circa 1920s might react poorly to someone saying “Know what I like? Gay people, integration, and interracial marriage!”

          But the important difference is, that there would have been no one threatening you for saying it with the force of the state, through idiotic hate speech legislation. They simply would have turned their noses up at you, and walked out the door.

          Political correctness is code for, “I can’t think for myself, so I have to parrot whatever my fellow idiot drones find fashionable this season.”

        • This explains what a leftist is very well:

          A crowd in a comedy club circa 1920s might react poorly to someone saying “Know what I like? Gay people, integration, and interracial marriage!”

          But the crucial difference here is, that there would have been no one threatening you for saying it with the force of the state, through idiotic hate speech legislation. They simply would have turned their noses up at you, and walked out the door.

          It’s not that social acceptability has changed. Rather, it’s that once again unhinged leftists feel emboldened to flap their arms and stomp their feet anytime they hear something they disagree with. It’s why comedians are increasingly declining to perform at the nation’s fascism factories, otherwise known as colleges to leftists.

          Political correctness is code for, “I can’t think for myself, so I have to parrot whatever my fellow idiot drones find fashionable this season to make myself feel important.”