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The Third Floor Wallpaper Birds

One night in my apartment, I, Jake, was on my bed. I was sleeping when I heard stomp stomp stomp. I heard a creeeaaak. My door was opening. It was… It was? Boom! I was hit with a magic spell and went right back to sleep.

That morning, I woke up. I was looking around and I saw it. A bird on my wallpaper was missing! This could not be happening, I thought. I could not let my brother Josh or my mom and dad find out. I went through the day but couldn’t find out anything about a wizard, so that night I stayed awake, but nothing happened. That morning, I didn’t eat breakfast. I juts grabbed my lunch and left. On the way to school, I was thinking was it a wrathmonk like in Measle and the Wrathmonk who did it?

I was going to solve this mystery once and for all. That night I heard stomp stomp stomp again, so I put on my night vision goggles but I was hit by the same spell and fell asleep. That morning I found drool on my night vision goggles. It was disgusting. I was thinking again. I thought it was a monster now. I just know it. That night, I saw it – a creepy drooling monster. And then I fainted. I was thinking that morning.

Could the monster ship-shape?

At school, I asked my friends if monsters could ship-shape. They laughed at me, but my friend Max didn’t laugh. he had a sleepover to see the creature. That night I and Max folded out the couch . Then we got in bed. Then we heard stomp stomp stomp. The creature was muttering, “My real form is a wrathmonk that can ship-shape.” Max heard it, too.

The wrathmonk broke the door!

I put on my night vision goggles. Two birds were missing, and three birds were turning 3-d! We had to stop the wrathmonk! Me and Max jumped at him and tackled him. Then we were being controlled! I figured out my arms weren’t controlled. So I picked up a bat and threw it. The bat hit the wrathmonk like a monkey that had a banana gun and shot it. I jumped at him like I was a leopard pouncing on a bird. I told him to change the spell, but he said no. I picked up a bat, but he shot a spell and the bat turned two-d.

I went to get a mirror. When I got back, Max was asleep. The wrathmonk shot a spell. It hit the mirror and made a sound like a howler monkey and a blue whale screaming together, and the spell bounced back. The wrathmonk dived like a bullet firing and dodged the spell.

The spell hit me and I fell asleep. When Max and I woke up, we saw another bird gone!

We had to stop the wrathmonk.

That night, Max had another sleepover and when we got in bed we heard stomp stomp stomp. Out of nowhere – AAAAAA AAAA! Max was tooken by the wrathmonk! He was screaming like a howler monkey was yelling as loud as it can. My front door opened and Max was gone with the wrathmonk.

That morning at school, I decided to follow the wrathmonk and get Max back.

That night, I followed the wrathmonk to his base. I looked in and saw Max. The wrathmonk was playing darts with Max as the target, but the darts kept missing and he saw me with the corner of his eye and fired a ball of fire at me.

KABLOOIE! It missed me by an inch! Few.

I was relieved I wasn’t dead. Then he said blstastlamdechoo! That was weird, but the wrathmonk shot a tornado of fire at me. BAM BOOM EEEK! That hurt my ears. I was lucky it didn’t hit me. Boom! We were being pulled into a black hole! I ripped the rope off. Max got a parachute and jumped out the window. The wrathmonk followed us. We kept running until we lost the wrathmonk. We were panting so I hard I felt like I was going to die.

I, Jake, would stop the wrathmonk.

Max went home so I would watch for the wrathmonk. BOOM BOOOOOOOOOM! I got my dad’s sword ready to fight, but I fainted.

“Where am I,” I said?

I looked down. AAAAA! I was 2,000 feet off the ground! The thing I know I fainted. I woke up in strange clothes. The wrathmonk was here. Boom! There stood the wrathmonk.

This was it. I would fight until death.

We were fighting. I grabbed a suit, put it on, and had powers! I took off teh suit and still had powers! It was amazing! I and the wrathmonk were fighting, and, out of nowhere, I shot a power with fire water and grass in it.

“This battle ends here,” I said.

“Never,” said the wrathmonk.

Blam Boom Kaboom! I dived and kept dodging the wrathmonk’s shots. I picked up a black bomb and threw it. Out of the bomb, a black hole appeared and sucked up the wrathmonk and disappeared!

I went home and hoped nobody noticed how messy my room is. I looked at the door. I saw there in the doorway – my mom. She wanted an explanation. I told her I guess I’m crazy.

“You’re a goofball”, she said and walked out.

But I thought, “I’m not a goofball. I’m a hero.” I looked at my wall. The birds were back on my wallpaper. I looked down. My bat was 3-D again. Everything was back to normal.

Well, most everything. The wrathmonk is still there. At school we were supposed to write what happened on our 5 day weekend. I, Jake, knew exactly what to write. My beginning. it all happened when someone left the window open. It was a great week. See ya.

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