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What were we thinking?

This is a picture of yours truly, de-Yullified, taken circa 1976:

This photo is disturbing on many, many levels.

In the first place, why did I own a shirt with a pair of smelly old shoes on it? When did my parents pick that out for me? My birthday? Christmas? I can imagine the conversation: “Old, stinky shoes?! This is perfect for Stallion!”

Keep in mind this is a posed photo for a professional photographer. Who thought it was a good idea to wear that particular shirt on picture day? And what’s with the hair – the length, the disorder, the split ends? The only part of the picture that makes any sense is the fact that I’m not smiling. I mean, come on. If you looked like this at any time in your life, would you be happy about it?

What’s so frightening about this picture is that it’s from a formal family portrait, and everyone else in the picture looks just as bad, if not worse. Indeed, I’d post the entire picture, except that I’d probably open myself up to lawsuits from some of my siblings. (My brother’s probably not happy about being in the left hand corner up there as it is.)

Southern Utah, Tuacahn, and Mountain Meadows

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  1. The doorbell rang on a Saturday morning. We were all still asleep. Mom freaked out because she had forgotten that a photographer was coming (who forgets that?)and frantically woke us all up and made us go stand outside and smile. I don’t even think she got a comb through anyone’s head.That’s how I remember it…

  2. My recollection is similar to our sister. The photographer showed up, and Mom just shoved us all out into the back yard. Who cares what we were wearing or how we looked? My question is, why did we pay for the picture? Why didn’t we just look at the proofs, say that these were a disaster, and move on? No, we actually picked out the best one. That is a scary thought!Also, Stallion, you are correct. I am not pleased to see part of my youthful image on this post. You will pay for this. Yes, you will pay!Foodleking, I know what you are saying, but your comment looks like “Bonnie!!!!!!!”

  3. I thought foodleking WAS saying Bonnie, and I was wondering, “Who’s Bonnie?”The REALLY sad part about that picture is that your mother’s memory is that it was a good one, because everyone was smiling, and the girls looked cute. I guess she forgot to look at you? And maybe you slept in that shirt, and didn’t have time to change?

  4. ANd what makes you think your parents picked out that shirt? You’re the kid who refused to take off a sports coat for like, a year.

  5. Speaking of bizarre 70’s fashion, didn’t you have a “Sad Clown” t-shirt that was colored like the “dirty old shoes” t-shirt?

  6. Like you care that you have “split ends”! Who are you kidding? My memory is that this was some kind of promotional thing – you know – one 8X10 then buy more if you want. I don’t believe they chose the best one. I think its the only one. And I looked very cute thank you very much! I love this picture. It captures the essence of our upbringing.

  7. And Stallion’s brother, maybe mom just figured Stallion was like your second son—when it comes to family pictures, you just take what you can get.

  8. So, let’s see… 1. you probably owned a shirt with smelly shoes because you picked it out yourself (Heather O)2. you were wearing the shirt because you overslept and were possibly sleeping in it the night before (Heather O)3. the hair was unkempt because the photographer surprised your family (Stallion’s Big Sister)4. the picture wasn’t a formal family photo, but a promotional “freebie” (wbpraw)Sounds like the only thing missing is your memory of the event. Aren’t families great for correcting the record?!