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Get Ready for Senator Franken

I have a deep, abiding faith that there is a God. But as Al Franken is now just two votes away from stealing a US Senate seat, atheists could make a pretty strong case with me right about now.

On Election Night, Coleman was over 700 votes ahead. Then, suddenly, ballots started appearing from out of nowhere, and – surprise! – Franken gained over 500 votes. One jurisdiction came up with 100 ballots, all for Franken. The miraculous number of “corrections” and “updates” in Franken’s favor is greater than all other ballot corrections in the state for all other Minnesota races combined.

Consider the case of the precinct in Minneapolis where one packet of 133 votes was fed through the machine twice on election night. When the recount demonstrated that those votes didn’t exist in the physical world, Franken succeeded in getting the election night tally included in the recount, netting him 46 votes. Fine, Al. Does Coleman get to choose a precinct where the original count trumps the recount, too? No. The vote-stealing ratchet only goes one way.

Today, after reviewing a number of challenges, Coleman’s lead has dwindled to two votes. Two votes. And Franken has succeeded in opening a can of worms by getting the state to consider a bunch of “improperly” rejected absentee ballots, most of which will likely come from Franken-friendly jurisdictions. Two votes ain’t gonna cut it.

Guys, this is voter fraud. Blatant voter fraud. And nobody seems to care. And the most venomous, nasty human being to run for federal office in my lifetime is soon going to be a U.S. Senator as a result of this crap .

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  1. This just proves: a democrat is the kid in school who just doesn’t understand why you had to fill in the bubble all the way, and why you have to use a #2 pencil.

  2. Stallion,I hate to say I told you so, but I predicted this would happen. So did a certain controversial columnist whose predictions have eerily come to pass. points out that one of Franken’s advisors is the same guy who engineered the “recount” in the Washington governor’s race in 2004.This election is a joke. If Harry Reid has any spine, he’ll refuse to seat Franken, just as he has said he refuses to seat anyone appointed by Blagojevich.

  3. Reid does NOT have the moral strength to refuse anything that might benefit his party and his personal power. Including a D appointed by the corrupt IL gov.We have to tolerate their tantrums while we get bashed for saying anything.We have to do solidly support the few decent Senators who remain. At least there are some.

  4. Minnesota is the wackiest state in the union. They’ll get tired of Franken, and move on to the next flavor of the month next time. Hopefully he’ll only be in one term.That’s be AWESOME if Harry Reid could really stick it to Minnesota like that. I’m with wbpraw–could he do that? Not necessarily would he, but does he actually have that power? It so…su-weet.

  5. Part of it is Coleman’s fault for not coming up with miracle ballots of his own.But then, he’d be accused of trying to steal the election…

  6. The Senate has the power to refuse to seat anyone. It took Utah years to get Reed Smoot seated as a Senator because of polygamy. The Senate just refused to let him in. Now there is no way they will do that with Franken, but they should. Reid already said they won’t seat anybody appointed by Blagojevich. He could keep Franken out. But he won’t.