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Capturing my Election Ennui

I’ve checked out of the election, but I did see this video, which made me laugh.


It’s a response to this video, which made me want to throw up. If you haven’t seen the original “don’t vote” condescension from the Gods of Hollywood, then the response video may not make you laugh as hard as it made me laugh. But I wouldn’t encourage you to watch the original, because it may make your eyeballs bleed.

Chapter 4.1
Halloween Vignettes

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  1. Sweet.Hey, comments aren’t showing up on IE again. Weird.That other video was hideous. But this one was very funny.

  2. The woman in the beginning has an Osmand-ish/Mormon smile. I don’t what it is with you Mormons, but I have never seen an ugly or unhappy looking woman among you yet. Must be the water.

  3. So, random thought here: Today I was thinking about this video and the original and how the original was so geared toward not very intelligent, fresh from high school 18 year olds who would find it cool to register while pooping. And it reminded me of 8th grade when, in our American History class, a group of students formed the “14 Club”, which was a mock-organization in favor of voting rights for 14 year olds. I joined to the counter organization for reasons I know not. It must’ve been the Spirit or something, even though I was not yet Christian and totally rejected religion at that time. Can you imagine the outcome if 14 year olds had the right to vote? Talk about making your eyes bleed. I look forward to your post election commentary. It helps me laugh in order to avoid crying.