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I did an entry on this last year, as I know several useless French phrases that are either ridiculous or rude, sometimes both. But tonight, I learned a new French verb that I thought you might like.

The English translation is “to wax,” as in “to wax a surfboard.”

The French verb? “Farter.”

It is conjugated thusly in the present tense:

je farte
tu fartes
il/elle farte
nous fartons
vous fartez
ils/elles fartent

Please make a note of it.

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  1. “I wax my surfboards and my old friends.”The Babel Fish translator on translates the preceding sentence as follows: “Je cire mes planches de surfing et mes vieux amis.”

  2. The Babel Fish translator peut aller se faire grater le nez. C’est un plaisir de farter. Je trouve du repos en fartant.