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Watching McCain Flail

I have nothing of interest to say about the new John McCain scandal, because, frankly, there’s nothing interesting to say. This was totally, totally predictable. Beavis McCain has always had a whiff of corruption following him throughout his career, but the press ignored it because he was the Democrat’s favorite Republican. Now that he’s the nominee and the GOP standard bearer, the kid gloves are off, and he’s going to get pummeled.

And this is just the beginning.

I’m still solidly opposed to voting for John McCain, but I marvel that we got here because stupid Republicans deemed him our most electable candidate. If Obama is the Democratic nominee, and it’s increasingly likely that he will be, then Grandpa Skirt Chaser is going to look increasingly rancid in comparison.

It’ll be Mr. 21st Century JFK vs. Mr. Hey, You Kids! Get Off My Lawn! 

I neither know nor care whether or not he really had an affair with this chick, but I’m confident that he did favors for her based on campaign contributions. That’s what got him in trouble back in the ‘80s, when he and four of his fellow Democrats leaned on the Federal Home Loan Bank Board to stop hassling Charles Keating, who had coincidentally given them an aggregate of 1.3 million in campaign contributions. Then Keating’s savings and loan promptly went belly up, costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

In direct response to the Keating 5, McCain became the champion of Campaign Finance Reform, which gives him an onerous new set of laws to break, which, considering he already broke the old ones, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. McCain is self righteous to a fault, which is staggering when you consider the level of his hypocrisy.

And if there’s one sin the left can’t abide, it’s hypocrisy. Indeed, since they have no morals themselves to speak of, it’s the only sin they recognize.

Those who touted polls showing Romney losing in general elections that were almost a year away insisted that only McCain would be able to win. The same was true of Rudy Giuliani, the inevitable Republican nominee eight months ago who heads in to the Republican Convention having won a single delegate.

You know all this.

This election season, which has been so wildly unpredictable, is now depressingly predictable. It’s 1996 all over again, only without the Republicans holding Congress. Mitt Romney is hoping that it’s really 1976, and he can come roaring back in 1980/2012 as the Republican savior. But Barack Obama is smarter than Jimmy Carter, and Mitt Romney is more Mormon than Ronald Reagan.

And John McCain sounds more like Beavis than Bob Dole ever did.

Free Speech and Consequences
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  4. Now McCain-Feingold is seriously screwing up his chances, since he is now crippled by the very system he created. Oh the karma. The sweet, sweet, karma.

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  6. This incomprehensible Anonymous poster is making things difficult for the rest of us non-anonymous Anonymous posters. And I don’t like it, not one bit.

  7. Stallion,Sorry to see you are still in the denial/mourning phase.McCain is far from the ideal Republican candidate. But few of them are, at least until zombie Reagan gets in the mix. But every time you bang your spoon over Romney, you undercut your argument.The dude spent more money than anyone in the Republican primaries. It’s not that he didn’t have the opportunity to get his message out. He was a fatally flawed candidate. No one bought was he was selling. End of story.Every time I looked at him, I though of the Congressman from Heroes. But at least that dude had superpowers.