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Primary Thoughts

I don’t see any way that Rudy Giuliani can possibly win the Republican nomination. He’s lost his lead in the latest national poll – tied with Romney! – and he’s not competitive in any fo the early states. Stick a fork in him. He’s done. 

If Mitt wins Iowa, he wins New Hampshire. And then he’s the nominee. Period. 
If Huckabee wins Iowa and Mitt wins New Hampshire, it’s a mess. Thompson may very well win South Carolina, and then who the heck knows? It ill be fun/painful to watch. 
If Huckabee wins Iowa and McCain wins New Hampshire, Mitt’s got nowhere to go. The nominee? McCain. Blech. 
If I had to change places with any candidate at the moment, it would be Mitt. He’s got a better than 50/50 chance. Nobody else does. 
If Hillary loses Iowa and New Hampshire, say hello to President Barack Obama. I don’t think any of our guys can beat him – including Mitt. I’m relishing the schaudenfreude of watching Hillary flail, but she’s so much easier to beat in a general election than Barack is, so I ought to be rooting for her. But I don’t think I can. 
I’m eating too much Christmas crap. 
The end. 
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  1. Tancredo is gone and now supports Mitt. Hopefully this will put an end to the illegal immigration baiting between Romney and Guiliani.And I sense that Huckabee has peaked too early, no?

  2. Lieberman and Kissinger aren’t exactly lightweights. McCain could really make it hurt in New Hampshire and also Michigan. Mitt needs to win in NH.