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Things That Make Me Mad

The Trayvon Martin case is really beginning to infuriate me.

I didn’t really plan on writing anything about it, because, really, what more is there to be said? But as a single, isolated tragedy becomes the genesis for a larger, warped racial narrative, I get more and more irate. And then I stumbled on this little gem, which was published in the free paper Salt Lake City Weekly:

This sent me over the edge.

I have a question for the race-baiting thugs who are trying to exploit this young boy’s death to score cheap political points. Can you cite me a single, genuine instance of a conservative saying anything what this straw man in a suit says in this cartoon? Find me just one right-wing pundit or GOP elected official who thinks it’s OK to gun down defenseless black kids wearing hoodies. Go ahead, dig through the latest bile from Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity et al. Check out all of Gingrich, Santorum, or Romney’s speeches. For Pete’s sake, read Ron Paul if you have to. Go back a few years, or as far as you want. I’ll wait.

You will never, ever find anyone of any reputation saying anything remotely like this.

What you will find, however, is Spike Lee tweeting the home address of the wrong George Zimmerman in the hopes that some vigilante will break into his home and wack him. You’ll find a Twitter account advocating the murder of George Zimmerman that, as of this writing, nobody has bothered to take down. You have the New Black Panthers offering a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman, dead or alive. 

In the aftermath of this hideous event, right-wingers are repeatedly accused of violent intent. And, meanwhile, all the incitements to violence are coming solely from the Left. What’s wrong with this picture?

This reminds me of when Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot, and all the pundits instantly blamed the Tea Party. Then they discovered that the shooter was a deranged, stoner leftist who hated the Tea Party. Remember all the televised apologies from the people who claimed Sarah Palin had Gabby Giffords’ blood on her hands? Neither do I.

So now we have a case where a young black man was gunned down on the street by a white man supposedly for no other reason than he “looked suspicious” and was “wearing a hoodie.” Except the facts that keep coming in contradict the conventional wisdom at every turn. Some witnesses say Trayvon was the aggressor who had broken Zimmerman’s nose in a scuffle. The white-on-black racist angle is undermined by the fact that Zimmerman is Hispanic. There is much more to this story, but that hasn’t kept people from calling for blood and indicting all white people – or at least white conservatives – as innately genocidal, and that George Zimmerman is indicative of what all Republicans want to do when they see a person of color with a hood over his head.

Yes, that makes me mad.

Do all black people want to gun down British tourists? Do all Hispanics secretly long for the murder of six-year-old girls?  If you’re from Texas, does that automatically mean you’re eager to kidnap, torture, and murder teenagers? Even if the all the initial assumptions about the Martin case were accurate, which they’re not, how is this incident an indictment of every white person in the United States?

How did George Zimmerman somehow become my spokesman?

I lament Trayvon Martin’s tragic, needless death. I also lament the fact that some people are eager to find widespread racism where there is none and then stoke hatred in the name of decrying hatred. We’ll never become a color-blind country if we keep learning the wrong lessons.

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  1. This is why it infuriates me when we attempt to treat lerftists like their ideas are different but equal; they’re not.

    Modern liberalism, progressive-ism, socialism, or whatever term they’re finding fashionable to call themselves this season, is essentially a refusal to mature beyond the teenage phase of contrarianism and irrational hyperemotionalism.

    These people are adolescents that have been emboldened to use the word racism as a political weapon because they’ve learned that conservatives shrivel and retreat whenever this accusation is launched. That needs to end.

    The fringe left’s bizarre, unhealthy, and divisive obsession with race will tear the nation apart. But hey, that’s their openly stated goal via Cloward & Piven anyway so no one should be surprised.

    Want some more fun facts about this case?

    An eyewitness reports that Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon

    The imaginary narrative that the Jurassic Media is desperately attempting to sell has been undermined by the revelation that they altered Trayvon’s photograph:

    The fact that Trayvon was a drug dealing gang banger,

    Who had multiple suspensions at school

    And if that’s not enough for you, the media mislabeled Zimmerman as white when in fact he’s a self identified Hispanic

    Not to mention that Zimmerman is a registered Democrat

    And yet they still try to paint Zimmerman as racist by omitting lines from the 911 transcript

    How’s them apples for ya?

    You have lunatic leftists calling for Zimmerman to be locked up regardless of what a pending investigation may or may not find

    You have Spike Lee, a Black Panther Chief, and now intellectual vacuum Roseanne Barr getting into the mix

    Not to mention the clueless morons standing in solidarity with their hoodies

    And these people have the unmitigated gall to say that Republicans are politicizing this event

    And all the while, the following two stories go completely ignored:

    If there’s one thing that the Duke Rape Hoax taught us, it’s to completely disregard the liberal media’s narrative. Honestly, it is now at the point that anyone who treats leftists as though they’re grown civilized adults worthy of respect is seriously misguided. Leftist’s behavior just doesn’t warrant it. I’m sorry, but the fact of the matter is that Leftists are truly despicable creatures.

    Can’t wait for their Yoda-isms about hate.

  2. By the way, do you think we should hold our breath till the left decides to hyperventilate over the “crosshairs” on the avatar at the Kill Zimmerman twitter account?

  3. Just as a rule of thumb it’s not a good idea to let your passions lend justification for any negative act against anybody. If a person can’t agree with that logic because it’s the right thing to do then there is the second reason which is in this day and age it can be nearly impossible to hide details which are closer to the truth. When it comes out, it will detract, if not nullify what would have otherwise been a legitimate precedence for change.

    The killing of Trayvon Martin did not was due to Zimmerman being passionate in either left or right politics and had everything to do with how dangerous a situation becomes when a firearm is added to the equation. It is a good example of how the law that makes it legal to carry a gun can be abused and the serious consequences of a zealot who should not be carrying a gun.

    The comic strip is another example of a situation that detracts from what would otherwise be a legitimate reason to hear the message in the political cartoon. From my point of view if someone takes the comic to infer that conservatives are in general, people who believe it’s OK to abuse of the right to bear arms he would do better to just state that. Indirectly implying something that a person will not directly say nor admit when asked for verification, is building a case against himself which basic says “Do not waste your time listening to me”

    Trayvon’s life taken by Zimmerman was wrong. And if Zimmerman does not do everything he can to help reveal exactly what happened on that day, he is building a case against himself to define his actions as murder.

    • was not due to Zimmerman’s left or right political views!

      I’m going to get myself in a lot of trouble with my typos

    • Who, your comments just aren’t reflective of reality.

      If you take a look at the links I’ve posted above, you’ll see that not only did Zimmerman do the right thing in defending himself against having his head bashed against the sidewalk by gunning down Trayvon, he’s actually a hero for doing so.

      Now that the truth is slowly coming how, which it inevitably always does, Trayvon was not the little angel the liberal media is attempting to paint him as, rather he was a worthless gang banging piece of garbage, who got exactly what he deserved for his own behavior.

      Far from being used, the law that allowed Zimmerman to use a firearm, his 2nd Amendment right, was used in an absolutely correct manner.

      By taking Trayvon’s life, Zimmerman performed a public service.

        • Whoa JJ,

          I never meant to imply anything about Trayvon’s character nor refute the claims you make. But honestly, this is America JJ, walking down the street is in no way grounds for an armed man who is not an officer of the law, to confront another citizen with what sounds like to me the intent to detain and question the man who is now dead.

          Police wear uniforms so that there is no mistake of the identity of a the person who confronts you as it can be very frightening. But I am not going to argue with you on the Stallions web site and if I was I would have to find more reputable sites then what you have listed.

          I know that this is a highly controversial incident and it is nearly impossible to not be passionate or get emotional, so I am sorry JJ if my comment set you off. But a man is dead, and I am in no way implying that Zimmerman went into the situation thinking that he would shoot him. I am not anti-gun. I have owned several firearms and I appreciate that right very dearly. After the fact of this tragedy is what the Nation is dealing with and anyone who twists any details of this incidence for any reason is doing the world a great disservice

  4. I guess this is what they mean when they say that Republicans are politicizing this event:

    Poll: Number of Americans Who Say Zimmerman Should Be Arrested Drops From 73% To 48% In Less Than a Week…

    New Trayvon Martin Witness Says He Saw Two Men On The Ground, One Yelling For Help And Then “Another Excruciating Type of Yell” During Fight…

    Sharpton Plans “Escalating Civil Disobedience” If Zimmerman Remains Free

  5. Wow. I agree with you in principle, about people exploiting tragic situations to score political points. However, I getting edging about any commentary that tries to suggest that one side is better than the other. Both are equally despicable when it comes to distorting, exploiting and lying. Maybe you didn’t intended to make the argument RIGHT > LEFT, but that’s how it appears.

    I agree that many people who claim to be acting in Trayvon’s defense are behaving deplorably. But, I’m sorry, perhaps they felt goaded into it, but many people acting in Zimmerman’s defense are, as well. The reason that race issues will never go away, is because for many, many people – the ones who invariably make the most noise – it’s not about equality, it’s about proving who is the biggest victim. (Conservatives and liberals do that,too… so maybe it’s not just racial issues.)

    Perhaps I’ve missed the arguments that blame conservatives for what happened. I’ve seen a lot of anger over The Stand Your Ground law (which does strike me as frighteningly broad… use deadly force if you feel THREATENED?! Really?!!) and a lot of hostility over the remarkable latitude in gun-ownership laws, but I haven’t seen where Republicans have been vilified in this case. There are plenty of instances where I would agree with you, but this isn’t one of them. (And the only person applying political ideologies to the characters in that cartoon – beyond Gun-Loving White Guy and Race-Baiting Penguin – is the reader.)

    I think the point that is being missed is that the investigation into this shooting was poorly handled. And, even as a white guy, it’s hard not to think that maybe because it was a dead black kid on the sidewalk, the police didn’t consider that perhaps he had felt threatened by a strange man following him down a dark street…. a man who approached him a threatening manner, and eventually drew a weapon.

    I don’t know that this is exactly what happened, BUT NEITHER DID THE POLICE! They just let the man go with “Oh, I was defending myself”?!! He had the gun! Would the kid have attacked him if he didn’t feel he was fighting for his life? Does The Stand Your Ground law allow you to use deadly force in a situation YOU CREATED? Even as I type this, I understand why people felt outraged… because I have a very hard time believing that if Trayvon had been found over George Zimmerman’s dead body the treatment would have been the same.

    I’m not saying Trayvon is the victim, and I’m not saying that Zimmerman is guilty, but there are plenty of people arguing both sides of the case behaving badly. And, just you say George Zimmerman was never elected to represent The Right, Spike Lee and The New Black Panthers were never elected to represent The Left.

    And, JJ… I’ve clicked on all those link and read all those articles. (For most of the blogs, I type “articles” with sarcastic quotes.) There is one witness (I do not include Zimmerman’s father and friend who were not there, and are only relaying Zimmerman’s account of that night as “witnesses”) who claims to have seen Trayvon hitting Zimmerman. There is nothing to say that Trayvon didn’t believe he was fighting for his life against a gun-toting stranger who had been shadowing him for several blocks. Several of the pictures in this blog posts have been proven NOT to be Trayvon, and all of Trayvon’s e-mails are supplied by a White Supremacist group that hacked his e-mail and Facebook accounts, and filtered through them to find the ones that painted him as a thug.

    He’s clearly not a prince, but don’t forget that Zimmerman assaulted a police office and stuck a woman.

    Does that place them back on equal footing? And, as critical as you are of people who made up their minds… haven’t you?

    Post the video of Zimmerman being taken to the police station that DOESN’T show any blood or bruises, and I MIGHT believe you haven’t.

    • A very thoughtful reply. I fully agree that the right does this, too, and the discussion about “stand your ground” laws is a good one to have.

      I’m certainly not saying that the right is not capable of despicable behavior, but in this instance, it’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton pushing the narrative that “blacks are under attack,” as if George Zimmerman represents anything or anyone beyond himself.

      Glenn Beck et al often pull this kind of crap, too, but they’re not the ones pulling it in this instance.

    • The reason that issues of race will never go away, is that the left has a bizarre unhealthy and divisive obsession with it. There’s no need to argue that RIGHT > LEFT, it’s a self evident fact of reality amongst thinking people.

      Remember, quotation marks are never used to denote sarcasm.

      If you clicked on all those blog posts, then you should realize that those blog posts cite other sources. So it appears you just ma not be reading close enough.

      In any case, feast your eyes on the inevitable destruction of the leftist narrative on yet another blog post:

      So much for Zimmerman’s imaginary racism.


  6. Looks like a nameless “seasoned reporter” at NBC just got the axe over the edited 911 transcripts, because you know, rational political discourse can’t be had when the phrase “liberal bias” is used.

    NBC News terminates “seasoned producer” who did hatchet job on Zimmerman — inexplicably NBC refuses to release his name

  7. New Black Panther Mailk Zulu Shabazz says that he has to build an army of blacks to kill

    La Raza says that President Blacks and Hispanics Should Team Up ‘To Attack Common Enemies’

    Meanwhile, MSNBC’s race expert claims that Obama causes a “reassertion of white power” where “we see an increase in violent crimes against blacks.”

    And he gets paid to say so.

  8. The biggest problem I see is, the race baiting is being done by those who stand to profit from it – namely, Jackson, Sharpton and the Black Panthers.

    If Racism were to diminish, or heaven forbid, disappear, these people would have to find something productive to do, and people would not send them money to combat a bias that they themselves perpetuate and exaggerate.